Girl Marina Orlova Is A Cunning Linguist [INTERVIEW]

Marina Orlova, is a former model from Moscow who’s the star of the internet video series, “HotForWords”. She has two degrees in philology (the study of linguistics and origins of words) and used to teach English to high-schoolers in Russia. She came to the United States six years ago and began her YouTube series 3 years ago. In each video she takes word requests from YouTube users and discusses their meanings and origins. She’s been featured on FHM, The Bachelor Guy, Holy Taco, and theCHIVE.

Here’s a brief summary of her accomplishments:

  • She now has more than 435,000 YouTube subscribers
  • The series has received more than 400 million video views on YouTube
  • It also receives an additional 3.5 million video views each week
  • It’s the 32nd most watched channel of all time
  • “Sexiest philologist in the world” by New Yorker Magazine
  • Named World’s #1 Sexiest Geek by
  • Ranked 5th hottest woman on the net by G4 TV
  • Ranked one of top 3 channels on YouTube by Cosmo

I had the opportunity to hop on the phone with Marina for a lil Q&A.

COED: So what’s a day in the life of Marina Orlova like?

MARINA: Oh it’s very nice, sunny in LA, it’s amazing. I’ve actually got the Grammys this Sunday… It will be my 4th year straight at the Grammys, it’s the best. A great experience.

Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, he is my favorite so I’m excited. Eminem and Rhianna. Since I can’t sing for me it’s amazing to see somebody who has a great talent of getting all these people excited for music.

COED: Speaking of talents that get people excited, you have a great talent yourself. How did you find out that you wanted to have a career in philology?

MARINA: After finding my love for words, I realized that you should come up with something original and new; something on your own. I met a friend told me about YouTube. He told me to put something on YouTube because it’s “gonna be huge”. For a while the videos were just done as a hobby. After a while it became a profession.

COED: When did you first realize that you had a superstar personality and that everybody needed to see it?

MARINA: Since I was young really. In high school, I was always on stage, always doing comedy characters cause im really awkward and funny. In a way, I’m so bad at acting that you can actually laugh. I love the camera; My dad is a good photographer. His hobby is taking pictures and developing film. When I grew up he was always taking pictures of me since I was six. The lights, the camera. I never dreamt about being a popular superstar. All I knew was I wanted to be somewhere warm and where you don’t need to where a jacket.

That’s why I came to LA, where I was a nanny for a year. Then I moved to Hollywood because the weather is nice, full of young people.

COED: Your site has blown up. How many people each month actually tune in?

MARINA: 15 million views every month on YouTube. Most of the videos show up in searches. Like, if you search Marina on Google, I show up. The videos are number 1.

COED: We all at COED are all dying to know… With all the speech classes, and linguistics classes, is your accent still real?

MARINA: Yeah (Laughing). I don’t try to get rid of it. If I try, it still comes out. It’s a bit of personality to myself. Makes you stick out in a crowd of people. The accent is something unique, a part of being yourself.

For more of Marina, check her out on:
Official Website

Check out three of Marina’s hotforwords videos and her photo gallery below:

“French Kiss”

“Eye Candy”

“Mail Order Bride”

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