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30 Expensive Things You Could Buy With The $12B Lost In Next Season’s NFL Lockout


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With the NFL lockout now official, AdAge reports that an estimated $12 billion dollars could be lost, which would directly impact revenue streams from TV ads, sponsor activations, cancelled fantasy football leagues and websites, empty sports bars and out-of-work stadium personnel. $12 Bil’s a lot of bills. How much exactly? Well, we decided to crunch some numbers and figure out just what you could buy with that kinda dough.

30,303 Tuna Weighing 754 lbs each in Tokyo

30,000 Gold Nuggets Weighing 100 Oz each (as of 1/5/11)

400,000 bottles of rare wine from this Florida steakhouse

6,000,000 Transformers Fortress Maximus toys mint in box at $2,000 each

12,000,000 Golden Opulence Sundaes- eat up, you fat, rich bastard!

8,000 mint condition copies of Action Comics #1… too bad there’s only 100 in existence

87,000 white lion cubs

You can eat at the most expensive Super Bowl Buffet 480,000 times over. All you can eat!

550,000 of these land walkers can be yours

You can purchase the BarMax: California app 12,000,000 times and prepare for the Bar Exam!

You can by 86 of Jackson Pollock’s painting, No. 5, 1948

6,000 bottles of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac

390 copies of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Leicester

9,450 Honus Wagner cards to put in your bicycle spokes

7,060 Bugatti Veyrons – host a really expensive demolition derby!

20,000,000 lbs. of Kopi Luwak coffee – don’t ask how it’s made…

You can send 20,500 high school graduates to Sarah Lawrence College

50,000 German Shepherds completely trained as rescue dogs

7,300 diamond fruitcakes

Photo by Martin Barraud, Stone

6,560 De Beers platinum rings for your 6,560 wives

Buy yourself 31,300 pairs of Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B

Photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

You can film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 40 times over

Rock out on 3,240 of these guitars

Buy 120,000 of these handguns and defend your wealth

Buy up 12 of the most expensive houses in the world and sell ’em for triple

48,000 pairs of Dussault Apparel’s Trashed Denim jeans can be yours

Your girlfriend wouldn’t mind 4,000 pairs of Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels

You can buy 240,000 pairs of diamond-encrusted custom Nikes

You can buy breast implants for 2,606,995 strippers, porn stars, and/or Playmates

Light up with 324,424 original 1933 Zippo lighters

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