“You Motorboatin’ Son of a Bitch” [100 PHOTOS]

Wedding Crashers was a bittersweet moment in history for a lotta dudes. It made weddings exciting again, but it also made them a MAJOR disappointment. It’s rare, if ever, a hot single chick attends a wedding without a date, much less a date that will allow you to be all up in her biz. But, it did give us one of the best lines ever. I think pretty much everyone knows, “you motorboatin’ son of a bitch!” That one quote kick started an AWESOME trend that is a close second to chicks making out. Plus, it helped spawn the idea of cleavage cocktails. To honor its momentous impact on society, we’ve put together a photo gallery of the most mmm mmm good motorboats that’ll make you say, “you sailor, you!”

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