Girls Eating Bugs [10 VIDEOS]

Watching people eat bugs and other creepy crawlers is hilarious to watch for a number of reasons: that “bring it on” bravado, their sudden crushing realization, and the resulting dry heaving and/or vomiting that follows. What could possibly make this nauseating spectacle even better? How about having hot girls go for the buggy gusto? Open wide, because here come 10 videos of chicks eating insects and the occasional fish heart! Warning: This is not for the squeamish or faint of fish heart. Viewer discretion is advised, suckas.

1) Girl Eats 10 Tasty Cockroaches

Roaches think they’re all that with their whole “Guess who outlived the dinosaurs?” bullcrap and the fact that they can survive a nuclear holocaust and restart civilization in their image. Watch this blonde girl desperate to go on a trip to Playa Del Carmen take ’em down a peg or two!


2) Girl Eats A Horsefly

There once was a girl who swallowed a horse… fly that she cooked over a campfire. Usually it’s hot dogs or marshmallows, but what do I know?


3) Girl Eating Slug

Ugh! Oh, God! Did you see… how much salt she put on that slug? That can’t be good for her high blood pressure.


4) Amy Eats A Worm

For the record, worms are NOT insects; they’re Oligochaetes. With that out of the way, carry on.


5) My Cuz Eats A Worm

Only one worm? C’mon, Andrew Zimmern would eat these things like a fistful of Big League Chew!


6) Dancer Eats Live Spider

Alright, girls, step… step… eat that spider- jazz hands! Jazz hands!


7) Girl Eats Live Beating Fish Heart

If she doesn’t eat it, Edgar Allen Poe would so do it for a dollar! Heck, he’d eat it for free!


8) Girl Eats Wasp

Technically she swallowed the wasp like a pill and didn’t necessarily eat it. I demand a do-over!


9) Girl Eats A Praying Mantis

You probably can’t hear it, but that lil’ guy is praying to the great mantis gods like you wouldn’t believe.


10) Howard Stern Girl Eats Maggots

This girl? She wasn’t apart of the show at all, she just happened to walk in from outside with a jar of maggots in hand. That’s what you get for not locking the door, Howard.

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