Don’t F**k With The Jesus Fan Art

As we stated last week in our post about bad-ass Big Lebowski tattoos, “The Big Lebowski” is a community, a culture, a nation unto itself, spawning bars, museums, festivals, and religions. Maybe our favorite part of such a feverish phenomenon is the fan art. Justin Bieber knows what we’re talkin’ about. Yet, it’s rare when you stumble upon a treasure trove of fan art dedicated to such a minor character as Jesus Quintana. Dude had maybe 1-2 scenes and spoke maybe 5-10 lines. Yet, his appearance was so moving, so powerful, so in-your-face, that I’m shocked the Coen Brothers haven’t thought about a spin-off with him. Anyway, here’s a clip from his scene in the movie along with our picks for best Jesus Quintana fan art.

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