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Split The Rent The Easy Way With This Rent Calculator


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You did it, you’re finally on your own and away from family members prying into every facet of your private life. But that also means you’re cut off and your parents sure as hell aren’t coughing up the coin to pay for your apartment; enter roommate(s) and splitting the rent. While the idea sounds feasible, you soon begin to realize you’re the one pulling all the weight when it comes to rent. How does one go about splitting the rent with mathematical precision and fairness? Harvard graduate Jonathan Bittner has the answer you’re looking for!

In an effort to prevent roommates from ripping each other’s throats out over the rent, Bittner has created the website – a calculator that aids in the process of splitting rent while incorporating factors such as the number of rooms, the number of occupants and closet space, among other things.

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Since no two apartments are created equal, the calculator helps to give an accurate assessment of who pays what amount. Basically, you got the bigger room? You pay more.

Bittner didn’t start this project as the result of a bad experience with rent-splitting, but as a response to the number of complaints people had about the procedure. By surveying his friends, he discovered which factors were the most important when it came to apartment living – privacy and space were paramount according to his data. From there he worked on the mathematical formula that give the most precise estimate as possible; numbers are accurate to within 10 percent.

So far, is doing very well for itself. There have been more than 100,000 page views and it is likely to grow over the coming weeks.

Thank you, Jonathan Bittner, for preventing isolated incidents of World War III from occurring in apartments worldwide.

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