21 Badass Big Lebowski Tattoos [PHOTOS]

Cult classic “The Big Lebowski” released in theaters 13 years ago on March 6th. On that fateful weekend in 1998, The Dude finished 6th at the box office and only managed to rake in a total of about $17 million in revenue. Since then, the legacy has grown – spawning an annual festival called, “Lebowski Fest”, an online religion called, “Dudeism” aka “The Church of the Latter-Day Dude”, a shop in NYC’s Greenwich Village dedicated to collector items about the movie called, “The Little Lebowski”, and a Lebowski-themed bar in Germany (bunch of nihilists!). Fans of the movie are jas dedicated as they come. Need proof? The COED abides – just check out this photo gallery of badass Big Lebowski tattoos.

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