Tweet Like a Tosh To Win Daniel Tosh’s “Happy Thoughts” on DVD

As you know we’re big fans of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. His stand up comedy special, “Happy Thoughts” premieres Sunday, March 6th on Comedy Central with the DVD coming out on March 8th. We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advanced copy but we’re not greedy, so we decided to host a contest. You might be familiar with Slim Thug’s “Like a Boss”. Lonely Island produced a parody song also called, “Like a Boss”, which was then followed by “Like a Bosh”. Well, since Daniel loves Twitter so much, we’re asking you to tweet “Like a Tosh”. Don’t know what we’re talkin’ about? Okay, watch the videos below and check out examples.

Slim Thug’s “Like a Boss”

[dailymotion id=”x7swfi”]

Lonely Island’s “Like a Boss”

[hulu id=”esBDVUKHnrUz7bz4kxKNBg”]

The Basketball Joneses “Like a Bosh”


Tweet “Like a Tosh” Contest

To enter, tweet something funny about Daniel Tosh to @COEDmagazine and end it with the hashtag #likeatosh. The three people with the funniest one-liners will win a copy of the DVD.

Here are some lame examples:

@COEDmagazine Wasted his degree in marketing #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Wouldn’t hire himself #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Never get a real job #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Poppin’ Xanax #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Cold call people when they’re eatin’ dinner #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Never be able to run for President #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Have an OCD battle with Howie Mandel #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Hate all women because I’m secretly gay #likeatosh
@COEDmagazine Yo quiero Taco Bell #likeatosh

Now, gets to tweetin’, bitches! (like a Tosh)

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