WTF News Of The Day: The Real Magneto, 911 Addict, 8 Year Old Arrested For 5th Time

AOL Health reports a Serbian 7-year-old is able to attract electronic and metal objects to his body as shown on the “Today” show last week.

Anchor Natalie Morales struggled to speak through an uncontrollable bout of the giggles. “The poor kid, that’s a hard thing to live with.”

Personally, I think it would be an awesome power, Natalie. Kid goes to the wishing pool, sticks his hand in the water and instantly gets himself a new iPad.

“Today” show co-host Ann Curry was also concerned but was assured by another anchor that the kid was merely showing off a unique “party trick” that would make him “huge in college.”

There’s no doubt this kid’s getting a full ride wherever he wants to go. He just has to avoid making out with chicks that have braces. Also, if he passes out, he’s getting beer cans placed all over him.

Supposedly, there’s another magnetic Serbian child, a 10 year old girl.

I don’t care if these 2 kids hate each other, they HAVE to get married and produce an army of magnet men. I mean, we’re talking reality show, merchandise, their own line of silverware and cooking utensils – the whole nine.

Full story here: Magnetic Boy, 7, Attracts Electronic and Metal Objects

The LA Times reports a 43 year old East Los Angeles man allegedly made more than 18,000 prank calls to 911 over a six month period.

He was arrested and booked on a misdemeanor charge that’s punishable by a $1,000 fine, up to six months in jail or both.

Uh, how is $1,000 equal to 6 MONTHS IN JAIL?! I’d pay that ‘ish in a heartbeat. Pass the hat. Bake sale. Lemonade stand. Gettin’ dat cash is paramount to savin’ dat ass from getting plugged. Who comes up with these fines? I’d love to see the process behind that line of thinking.

Apparently, he made many of the calls on a deactivated cellphone, which does not provide the caller’s location or phone number, in order to make the calls difficult to trace.

Hmmm, either this dude has a LOT of time on his hands and simply loathes the authorities or he’s part of a major terrorist network in which he acts as the distraction while hardcore sh*t goes down. Or he’s a former cast member of Crank Yankers.

Let’s do the math real quick… 18,000 calls over 180 days… that’s 100 calls A DAY! If he’s up for the standard 16 hours a day, he’s averaging 6.25 calls an hour, which is about 1 call every 10 minutes. Not only is that dedication, but I think I can beat it. My ex-gfs will vouch for me.

Full story here: Man arrested in more than 18,000 prank 911 calls

The Orlando Sentinel reports an 8-year-old boy was arrested for the FIFTH time since November after he hit, kicked and bit his teachers, threw a metal pipe, broke a window, tore out computer wiring and ran away from his Orange County school.

School officials say they don’t view police as a first resort but when all else fails, they feel the need to bring them in..

He spent three days in juvenile detention and on Friday was ordered to participate in a counseling program.

Come on. You can’t control a f***ing 8 year old? The kid didn’t have a gun or a knife, he was literally throwing sticks and stones. Tackle that bitch, tie him up, and hit him with some morphine. I’mma be an awesome dad. First time, my kid acts a fool, he’s getting his memory erased. Second offense is straight up lobotomy. Shutter’s Island got it right, my man.

Full story here: 8-year-old’s arrest at school prompts questions about involving police

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