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Kiss Your Old Video Game Controller Goodbye [VIDEO]


AOL News reported a female student at Georgia Tech has designed a video game controller that requires two players to kiss in order to direct the path of an on-screen bowling ball.

How does it work? One partner has a small magnet attached to his tongue while the other partner has a headset receiver that monitors the movement of the tongue in her mouth’s using the relative strength of the magnet.

The controller’s inventor found most controllers, even modern motion controls like Kinect and Wii, “limiting” and “sort of empty”.

“I wanted to show another way to use the body, but a new part of the body,” she says. “And kissing is very special.”

Either this chick’s a virgin or an absolute freak between the sheets.

According to the controller’s designer, in order too roll the ball you must kiss for 20 seconds.

At first, I was pretty pumped about this innovation but as I read more about it, I’m way too skeptical about how enjoyable your “kissing” would be. Like, basically you’re tonguing down the girl or she’s tonguing you and it’s like strategic tonguing. It’s not free form. It’s not passionate. I mean, you have to keep your eyes open! How f***ing creepy is that?!

There’s no such thing as controlled kissing, at least not with this guy (*points thumbs to himself*). You can’t stop my tongue, you can only hope to contain it. But, I do have to say, this is the new line to bring back chicks to your place after the bar.

ME: Hey, you wanna come back to my place and play some video games?


ME: Well, I have a controller you use with your mouth. (*slap to face*)

Here’s a video of the controller in action. Pass the lotion.

Read the full story here: Kissing Controller Puts the Passion in Video Game

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