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Tunebug Vibe Portable SurfaceSound Speaker [REVIEW]


Want a ton of sound from your next piece of tech booty? If you ever wanted a speaker to slip into the sheets with (no thanks, we don’t need the details), this would be the one. The Tunebug Vibe is a tightly bundled package of sass, and sexy has all hell. Curved in all the sweet spots with the right amount of heft, it looks like it could have fallen off a Bentley. That it vibrates in all the right places doesn’t hurt either.

The ultra portable Vibe has the woofy tweety bit, the soft fleshy pulse that’s the heart of the speaker, exposed. When you place it face down on any surface, that any surface turns into a flat panel speaker. It pretty much does what it says.

We slapped it down on every surface we could find. Want a muted, soft sound for those low-light, ambient wine and candle nights? Put it on a book. If you want more woomph, a drumhead will give you plenty of variation. We tried it on a bongo, bodhran, djimbe, talking drum, and timbale. Got a different earful of kit every time. You’ll get some after-dark twangy amplification off tupperware, and an upside down steel garbage can will keep you going through long, beery nights.

There’s an element of discovery with the Vibe that other portable speakers don’t have, a kind of Lewis & Clark trek into the gadgety unknown, as you can literally place it on anything to get a different sound. It’s your community geekstop. Whip it out in a crowd and you’ll see what we mean. In no time, everyone will be handing you something: cups, aluminum trays, tin bowls, a head, or revealing some other body part you never thought you’d see in public, to check out the amplification variations. So if you’ve ever wondered what your ass sounds like with music piped through it, Tunebug has the answer.

Our model came with no instructions. Right or wrong it makes little difference. There’s practically nothing to be instructed about. All the cords are self-explanatory, and the on/off button is clearly located in the center. Connect the Vibe to your iPod, mobile phone, mp3 player, pretty much any device with 3.5mm jack, and you’re good to go. Juice it up directly off an ac outlet or straight to your pc via the usb cable. A full charge should give you five hours of play time. You can control the volume from your handheld, but it’s more interesting to let your flat surface of choice swing you up and down the volume meter.

If there is one criticism, and we’re not sure there is, it’s that the speaker quality could be turned up a notch. Anything above fifty percent of your volume capacity and the Vibe starts to distort. Another reason to rely more on the surface for volume control, but not one to put us off the device.

If you’re looking for a fun and funky accessory to your mobile hardware, you won’t go far wrong with the sharply constructed Tunebug Vibe.


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