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Songs Of The Week: Naked and Famous Get Chiddy Bang’d, Strokes Go Under Cover


With 58% of the total votes, COED users selected the Eminem-Dr. Dre-Skylar Grey collabo “I Need A Doctor“. Could be because everyone’s sick! This week’s edition of Al Jones’ Songs of the Week is sure to as much of a game changer as Carmelo going to the Knicks. Maybe that is a little far fetched, but it’s got a couple of songs that are sure to bring the same sort of buzz as all of the crazy moves being made at the NBA trade deadline. Only difference is SOTW don’t cost you an arm, a leg, and first round draft picks!

MONDAY: Cat Power “Sea of Love” (@catpower80)

February 14th was Valentine’s Day, the day of love, so I was thinking about a song that captures the essence of that day. There are so many love songs out there, that it was hard to pick one song to fit the cause. But there is something so honest and pure about Cat Power’s rendition of “Sea of Love.” It simply sounds like romance. She takes the Phil Phillips original and completely makes it her own. She cuts down the song in length and focuses primarily on the first verse. She just sounds so beautiful in her version. It can be the perfect wedding song. (*tear rolls down cheek*)

TUESDAY: The Strokes “Under Cover of Darkness” (@thestrokes)

This song is my power play for the week. Hello Strokes and welcome back to our wonderful world. What resurgence, and what a fun song! This to me is vintage Strokes. The song still has their lo-fi signature sound, but it’s an up-tempo gem that keeps the head nodding and creates a sing-along atmosphere that has been missing in songs from the Strokes as of late. For their latest album “Angles” which is to be released in March, the band actually co-wrote the album together, which is new territory for the band, which usually write their material separately. The new collaborative effort is a great start to what should be a huge year for the boys from the lower east side of New York City. This song is a must-have.

WEDNESDAY: The Naked and Famous “Young Blood” (Chiddy Bang remix) (@tnafofficial)

The Naked & Famous is a five piece band out of New Zealand that burst onto the indie music scene in 2010. “Young Blood” is their debut single, which you may have heard on “Gossip Girl” and NBC’s “Chuck.” Chiddy Bang, one of my favorite new rap groups to emerge in 2010, blesses this remix. The beat gets in your head and you find yourself smiling after the first verse drops. “We’re only young and naïve still, we require certain skills, the mood it changes like the wind, hard to control when it begins.” Chiddy Bang is one of the latest groups to blend together hip-hop with indie rock sounds. This is a perfect collaboration between two very different groups that will make you sing out, like you hear in the song, “yeah yeah yeah yeah.”

THURSDAY: The Killers “On Top” (@thekillers)

“On Top” is one of my favorite songs off “Hot Fuss,” the debut album from the Killers, which to me is one of the best debuts I have heard in the last ten years in rock music. I think the Killers have struggled to find their identity since the release of “Hot Fuss.” And that can sometimes happen with bands that have stellar debut albums and then fall victim to the pressure of maintaining that same level of success with their following albums. The Killers are a band that blew up fast, maybe a little too fast, and have taken their fair share of flack from some of their subsequent releases. However, “On Top” is one of their musical highlights. The Killers have always been ahead of the game in terms of how they incorporate synthesizers into their music. This song is like an express train into the future. Brandon Flowers has a signature voice that welcomes in the listener. Backed by a booming drumbeat and keys and guitar to compliment the sound, “On Top” is the ultimate rock-dance track that will have you singing along the entire playback. “On Top” is definitely one of my favorite Killers tune and a nice throwback listen if your looking to revitalize your Killers catalogs.

FRIDAY: Citizen Cope “Son’s Gonna Rise” (@citizencope)

Clarence Greenwood. Have you ever heard the name before? If you haven’t, you now know that he is Citizen Cope. Mr. Greenwood is the mastermind behind this indie rock project that has been going on since 2000. Citizen Cope makes what I call “everyman” music, which is music that can be appreciated by e’rybody. There are elements of folk, hip-hop, blues, country, and rock in their repertoire. They have a very laid back sound that relies heavily on emotion. When you see a Citizen Cope show, you can feel how immersed Greenwood is in his music. Cope’s music has been used all over multiple forms of entertainment from TV shows to commercials. “Son’s Gonna Rise” is an acoustic jam off their 2004 album, “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings.” This was their debut single off that album. Song is very chill and will be the perfect complement to a house party with a “low key” vibe. It’s a well-arranged song and one I think that you will enjoy.

Be sure to follow me on twitter (@aljonesy) Let me know what you think about this week’s jams. Have a good week!

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