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How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger With Georgie Darby [11 PICS]


Our sexy “How To” series has brought you Kelly Hall demonstrating How To Perfect The Hand Bra PoseMelissa Debling guiding girls on How To Win a Spring Break Wet T-Shirt Contest and Anastasia Harris showing you How To Take Off A Girl’s Bra. Today, we explore an age old trick girls use to draw the gaze of their suitors: the vaunted boob smoosh / cleavage enhancer. Whether it’s getting out of a speeding ticket, gaining entry to an exclusive night club, or simply making babies drool, the motorboat invitation is a clutch move to have in the arsenal. Helping us demonstrate is chestacular UK model Georgie Darby.

  1. Wear a tighter than usual bra or bikini top – this will help accentuate the smoosh.
  2. Try to shift the boobs up to a point where the nipple’s on the verge of being exposed BEFORE putting on the bra.
  3. Girl should grab the shoulder straps above the cups, just inside the cups, or the cups themselves, pull inward and upwards towards the chin.
  4. Voilà! Her boobs are now as plump as the bird on Turkey Day or Houston’s lips after botox.
  5. Send the pictures to and we’ll feature your work.

If you want to see more pictures of Georgie Darby check out her personal website or follow her on Twitter.


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