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How To Take Off A Girl’s Bra With Anastasia Harris [PHOTOS]


In the last few weeks we’ve been producing sexy “How To” stories – Page 3 Idol Winner Kelly Hall showed you How To Perfect The Hand Bra Pose and Melissa Debling showed us How To Win a Spring Break Wet T-Shirt Contest. Today, we explore a very tricky maneuver in the bedroom: unhooking her bra. Learning how to successfully remove one in a fluid motion is key for many obvious reasons, the most important of which being: no one likes a fumbler between the sheets, right, Favre? Helping us demonstrate is chestacular UK model Anastasia Harris.

  1. Remove her top or slide your hand under her top and behind the back (as most bras have clasps in the rear).
  2. Rub her back where the bra hooks should be, softly drag finger along the strap to find the hooks. If not there, slowly move your hand(s) to the front.
  3. If there are clasps in front, use both hands to push the clasp inward. If the clasp does not come undone, push inward, then pull one side upward so the clasp can slide out.
  4. If the clasps are in the back, use both hands to push each side inward to unhook. Some bikini tops also hook in the back, but the hook must be pulled up out of a loop instead of being pushed inward.
  5. Pull bra off the arms and away from the body. Back clasping bras should be pulled toward you, while front clasping bras pull off towards the back.

If you want to see more pictures of Anastasia Harris check out her personal website, follow her on Twitter, or head over to Nuts (links are NSFW).


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