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GGTW 2011 [98 Photos]


Girls Gone Wild (“GGW”) founder Joe Francis took a simple home video concept – go to Spring Break and Mardi Gras with a camera, money (and/or beads), and a creepster RV then bribe hot college chicks into showing their boobs and making out with each other – and turned it into a print publication, an online magazine, and a TV series. USA Today mentioned it among their 25 Trends That Changed America. As detestable as Francis might be, he did give us Ashley Dupre, and his brainchild is the inspiration behind this photo gallery and past ‘gone TOO wild’ posts – GGW For Weed, GGTW 2009, GGTW 2010, and Greek GGTW. Now, we present the 2011 edition of girls who party a little too hardy.


  • COED Writer