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WTF News Of The Day: Head Cam, Boy Without A Cerebellum, Kill Gill Alien Tumor


HuffPo reports a New York University arts professor underwent surgery to remove a metal post that was used to support a digital camera that had been inserted into his head.

The professor intended to wear the camera for a year as part of an art project, titled “The 3rd I” but his body rejected one of the posts. To continue, he reportedly tied the camera to his head until his wound heals and the setup can be reinstalled.

My mind’s telling me no, but my body…. my bodyyyyyyyyyy is telling me yeeeeeeeeeees… Oh wait, it’s the other way around. I don’t see nothing wrong with a lil record and rewind! My gut says this guy has been attacked from behind or has done someone wrong. Long story short, what in the holy hellscape is this dude doing on Valentine’s Day?

You can see the pics over at

Full story here: NYU Professor Wafaa Bilal’s Body Rejects Head-Cam Implant

WGRZ reports a 3 year old New York boy was born without a cerebellum despite numerous ultrasound images indicating it was there prior to delivery.

The cerebellum is the part of the brain responsible for motor control, balance, coordination, emotional control, and now, doctors believe, it plays a role in language and learning.

On top of that, Chase is also missing his pons, the part of the brain stem that regulates basic functions like sleeping and breathing.

The child’s doctor asked, “If there was a cerebellum, what happened to it?”

It’s probably off somewhere hanging out with my pride.

The boy now has a vocabulary of about sixty words, he’s potty training, and he seems to have an intuitive understanding of his new iPad.

Allow me to be a complete selfish a-hole for a second, HE HAS AN IPAD?!? Forget the fact he’s missing a previously essential part of his brain to use an iPad, but he’s 3. Let’s take it easy on the kid. He just learned how to NOT sh*t himself, so Angry Birds might be a tad aggressive at this stage.

I’m definitely pulling for this kid. They should start an online donation drive for his college fund. What if this kid proves you don’t need a cerebellum to be successful? Lobotomy surgeons everywhere are like, “Cha-ching!”

Full story here: 3-Year-Old’s Rare Condition Changing Medical Science

CBS 13 in Sacramento reports a vice principal had a soccer-ball size “alien” tumor that had been growing for at least a decade. The husband and father of two named the tumor “Gill” and made shirts bearing the motto “Kill Gill,” based on the movie posters for the film “Kill Bill.”

I’m sorry, but is this the coolest, most bad-ass motherf*cker to ever walk the earth? With all due respect to Samuel L. Jackson, I don’t think he’d take the news that a f*cking extraterrestrial growing inside him is about to pulverize his vital organs and decide to name the damn thing “Gill” then make hilarious t-shirts that parody an awesome movie.

Him and the boy without a cerebellum need to seriously go on tour and give motivational speeches to stupid emo kids who are getting cyber bullied. Seriously, man the F*** up. And to think I was bummed about being dateless for the 80th Valentine’s Day in a row.

Full story here: Man Survives Huge ‘Alien’ Tumor

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