How To Win a Spring Break Wet TShirt Contest Featuring Melissa Debling

Remember last week when Page 3 Idol Winner Kelly Hall showed you How To Perfect The Hand Bra Pose? Since Spring Break is right around the corner, we thought we’d show you classy ladies how to win the vaunted wet t-shirt contest. Helping us demonstrate is chestacular UK model Melissa Debling. Read our quick and easy “how to” guide and see pics of Melissa.

  1. Have big boobs. (NOTE: If you don’t have big boobs, you can always purchase a pair)
  2. Modify your t-shirt. Before you go on stage the bar will hand you an oversized white undershirt that’s thin enough to rip. Tear off the sleeves and tear down the sides right along the arm pit leaving a bit  connected at the bottom and tear down the middle. This will allow for people to see more skin and deep cleavage while covering just enough of the nipple to leave some stuff up to the imagination. for visual reference.
  3. Make An Award Winning O-Face. When they douse you with icy cold water, you’re immediate reaction is to giggle, maybe shiver. DON’T! This is the perfect opportunity to make an “O Face” or “Sex Face”. Make sure it looks more like and not . Then bust out those super sexy stripper moves you saw on that Carmen Electra DVD.
  4. Use Props. Grab the hose and/or water pitcher from the MC and douse the other girls, the crowd, yourself. Grab another (less attractive) girl and grind on her. Just know your limits. If you slip and fall, you’re toast. Keep it simple, yet unexpected. Unless you’re a perfect 10, then just make sure everyone can see the goods.
  5. Hand Bras Help. During crowd voting consider ripping the shirt off, throwing it into the crowd, and using a hand bra to cover your Hershey’s kisses.
  6. Send the pictures to [email protected] and we’ll feature your work.

If you want to see more pictures of Melissa Debling check out her personal website or follow her on Twitter.


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