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WTF News Of The Day: Knife In Face, Beached Cow, Raccoons Ruin Wrestling


Photo by Quirky China News / Rex Features

Daily Mail UK reports a 13 year old Chinese boy slipped “while peeling an apple” and plunged a 20 cm knife into his face.

A surgeon was able to extract the knife and the kid’s doing all right.

Peeling an apple my ass. That lil dude was straight up trying to rob somebody.

I wonder if Crocodile Dundee stopped by and was like, “That’s not a knife, THIS IS A-” then vomits everywhere.

Full story here: X-ray shows knife in face of Chinese boy who slipped over while peeling apples

The AP reports the carcass of a 400 pound adult cow had beached in West Seattle.

Animal Control said it had no ear tag or other identification.

Just another cow who got mixed up with the wrong crowd, tried to live life in the fast lane, partied, boozed, got all coked up on a yacht, refused to bone some dude and ended up being fish food. But, wouldn’t you know it, sharks hate beef!

Full story here: Surf and turf: Dead cow washes up on Seattle shore

The AP also reports a high school wrestling in North Dakota withdrew from a tournament when officials discovered the athletes had been exposed to a live raccoon.

The animal didn’t scratch or bite anyone, but it’s not known whether it had rabies.

Man, raccoons are the scourge of the Earth, huh? Just the dirtiest, foulest creatures yet so cute. Sorta like me.

Full story here: ND team exposed to raccoon pulled from tournament

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