WTF News Of The Day: Sit On My Facebook, Parrot 4 Play, Creed Helps Boy Escape Wolves

Reuters reports the third annual sex survey by Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines revealed nearly four out of five women and three of five men say they believe texting, Facebook and other social networking tools cause new couples to jump into bed faster, but only 38% of women say they have actually slept with a date any sooner because of digital intimacy.

Here are the notable findings:

  • Nearly 80% of women and 58% of men saying social media tools leads to sex faster.
  • Texting is the #1 way lovers stay in touch. Men text 39% more often than phoning and women 150% more.
  • 70% of women and 63% of men use Google and other online tools to screen potential dates.
  • 65% of those polled said they had been asked out by text and 49% through a Facebook message.
  • Once the relationship clicks, 72 percent of women report scouring a current partner’s ex-girlfriends’ Facebook pages.
  • When a call or text comes in during sex, 5% of respondents said they glance to see who is calling and 1% say they stop to answer the phone.
  • 43% of women and 27% of men report getting a text along the lines of “It’s not you, it’s me.”
  • 81% of all respondents said they won’t de-friend an ex on Facebook and 75% admit to constantly checking a former sweetheart’s page.

I would LOVE to meet the 1% that answer their phone during sex. Like I think even meeting the %5 who glance to see who’s calling would be a trip but the person who picks up? You’re either bored out of your gord and need SOMETHING to take your mind off of what’s inside you (or what you’re inside) or you love to multi-task.

BTW, Brenda, I de-friended you for a reason. I’m a rebel. A loner. GET OVER IT!

Full story here: Social networking leads to sex faster?

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Reuters also reports a University of Texas study of college students found that couples whose language was in sync were almost four times more likely to want to see each other again than those who did not use similar language.

40 pairs of college students participated in four-minute speed dates and had their conversations recorded.

Researchers also examined the everyday instant message conversations between already dating couples over a 10-day period.

They found that the speaking and writing styles couples use during interactions are a good indicator of whether or not a relationship will be successful.

About 80% of the couples whose conversational styles were similar were still dating three months after the experiment, compared with just 54% of couples whose styles were markedly different.

Hmm. Makes sense. I constantly use “bro”, “broham”, “brohammasaurus rex”, and “brohammerstein” on a fairly regular basis and I’m still single. Guess I’ll have to learn to start using “fabulous”, “ferocious” and “fierce” more often. Wait…

Full story here:: In the dating game, speaking styles count: study

Gizmodo reports via the International Business Times that a 13-year-old Norwegian boy escaped a pack of wolves by playing them Creed’s single Overcome. He was coming home from the school bus stop when he mistook them for dogs.  He remembered his mother’s oft-repeated drill to never run away from wolves.”

The boy says, “They didn’t really get scared. They just turned around and simply trotted away.”

First off, how many times do you think he heard his mom say, “Never run from wolves” and was like, “Shut up, Mom! I f**king know! You keep saying that and I haven’t seen 1 goddam wolf yet!”

Secondly, yes, I get it. Wolves hate Creed. But here’s a fun fact: Scott Stapp is a Lycan. He’s like the black sheep of the wolf community.

Full story here: Norwegian Boy Scares Off Wolves By Playing Creed

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