13 Musicians Who Should Get Their Own Video Game


With music-based video game franchises like Rock Band and Guitar Hero becoming more niche with their releases (Beatles, Aerosmith, Metallica, etc.) and titles like Michael Jackson: The Experience becoming more prevalent we thought we’d compile a list of other music acts that should make the leap to the digital domain, with some ideas about what kind of game they belong in.

Pete Doherty

The former lead singer of The Libertines, current lead singer of the horribly named Babyshambles, Doherty is best known in America for being the drugged out former boyfriend of drugged out model Kate Moss. The perfect star for a Super Mario Bros. style side-scroller if there ever was one! Replace the fire-flowers with hypodermic needles, and using motion controls, mock inject yourself with heroin for the power up to take affect. Keep the mushrooms though, seems appropriate.

David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust the video game! Play as Ziggy and fight alongside the Spiders From Mars to stop the world from ending in five years. Actually, this might actually make a pretty amazing video game. Bowie’s even been in a game or two, why hasn’t he starred in his own?

Andrew W.K.

It would have to be a party mini-game collection. But it would be THE BEST PARTY MINI-GAME COLLECTION OF ALL TIME.


Girl Talk

Simple, a Pac-Man style game where you eat samples and dodge lawyers.


While the idea of a game where you play as Lemmy does sound like the best idea ever, this would actually never work. There is no enemy, real or imagined, tough enough to be a believable threat to Lemmy.


Their last album was about a dude who travels through space and time to inhabit the body of Rasputin. There’s a game in there somewhere.


Chris Martin goes on a King’s Quest-style journey to prove how sensitive he is for Gwenyth. On the way he comes up with a list of even stupider names for their next kid. You win if you can stay awake through the whole game.

Rob Zombie

Another one to file under “How hasn’t this happened yet?” A Rob Zombie-themed survival horror game could be terrifying, but would it be better if Rob was the hero, or the villain? OR BOTH!!!! MIND. BLOWN.

Guns N Roses

It should be a Double Dragon style beat ’em up with Axl on a quest to recruit (yet another) version of his group. Are you a bad enough dude to help him? Final boss is Buckethead.

Arcade Fire

Set it in a fictional arcade. You have to complete each game in the arcade, or the fire engulfs you. It would be the most indie minigame collection ever.

Ok Go

This would be a great dancing game, although the full bundle with four treadmills, a Rube Goldberg machine and a barrage of adorable puppies would probably cost a fortune. Also, you’d have to complete each song in one take with no mistakes.

Kanye West

You play as Kanye as you attempt to interrupt everyone before they can finish doing anything. Bonus: it’s the first game you play via Twitter.

Jack White

A business management game like Rollercoaster Tycoon. You have to manage being in The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, having your own record label and running a  record store, all while trying to convince Meg to record another White Stripes record.

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