I’m Sculpting Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Flips Out [VIDEOS]

So, this dude Adam Beane is a sculptor who recently created a miniature bust of Matt Damon for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. Damon and Kimmel have done this running gag on the show for quite some time (Silverman f’ing Damon, Kimmel f’ing Affleck, etc.), but I don’t remember seeing a lifelike clay model of the Oscar winning actor on the program. Guess I need to watch Kimmel more often. Anyway, Matt’s butt buddy Ben Affleck saw the video of false idolatry and went apesh*t. See the production of what I assume to be the first piece to a mega creepy shrine dedicated to Jason Bourne then Affleck’s outrageous response. Go to AdamBeane.com to see more spot on sculptures made from a grown man’s tears.

Sculpting Matt Damon

Ben Affleck’s response

Pills are good! Pills are goooooood!

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