Facebook Round-Up: Cheerleader Showdown III, Contest Winners Announced and Models Love COED

The submissions are starting to roll in for our Cheerleader Showdowns. I’ve demolished the first two competitors (Cheerleader Showdown I | Cheerleader Showdown II) and have become so confident in my hottie picking prowess that I’m sitting out this round to make way for two COED fans to do battle. Looks like it’s a Bucs/Texans rematch as Mike A. submitted a Bucs cheerleader named Rachel and Duncan Brandel from Sherman Oaks, CA submitted a Texans cheerleader named Brandi – both are top notch! As always make sure you check out each girl’s gallery then vote for who you think is the hottest. The dude whose cheerleader gets more votes receives a $100 pair of v-moda headphones.

More than 300 people submitted captions for our latest contest and after some careful consideration (throwing darts mostly), we’ve picked a winner! Congrats to Marc Girolimetti from Boston, MA. You won a limited edition Kenneth Cole Sundance Film Festival volunteer vest from last year’s event autographed by actors and producers like Ben Affleck, Danny Masterton (That 70s Show), Juliette Binoche (Dan In Real Life, The English Patient, Chocolat), Malin Akerman and Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother).  Dude, send me a message on Facebook with your address and we’ll send out the vest.

Caption Contest Winner: Marc Girolimetti ‎”Your pipes are frozen Ed? Hmmm, mine just burst.”

Some other favorites:
Daryl Bertran
And that kids, Is how I met your mother.
Jacob Williamson She is barefoot and pregnant, but where is the kitchen?
Julie Quigley it was jay cutlers baby
Jessi Moss You were supposed to put gasoline in the buckets Jim!
Michael Harrington Car washes in the winter are never a good idea. Even if it is to raise money for an abortion.
Austin Bowen This orgy is off to a slow start.
Kris Coleman Abortions: done the Candian way!
Devon Broome And that is how we got the idea for Keeping Up with the Kardasians
John Decker ‎(Guy to guy) U know what the best part of banging someone who is pregnant?? I get head at the same time!!”
Amy Rose Melody The doctors said this would make my baby white…
Kayla F Buju Banton ‎(dudes in the back) I told u not to give her that shit we was smokin the other day
Dan Brown And they said you couldnt make a porn version of Juno
Edin Kolasinac Meanwhile in Serbia…
Adam Soffe Don’t worry boys, I’m a scientologist, Tom Cruise recommended I try this.
Adam Foster ‎”So say Charlie your mail order bride there says she’s virgin huh?”
Pj Murphy The finest gentlemens club in all of russia

The Hoff Winners

We received a sh*t ton of submissions for the David Hasselhoff Comedy Central Roast giveaway! To keep things fair we used a random number generator to give us four numbers then counted down the list and picked the winners. The winners are:

Tyler Young from Chambersburg, PA
Samuel Stowers from Midland City, Alabama
Marvin Edwards from Coral Springs, Florida
Jason Mejia from Mount Kisco, New York

Now check out 33 Most Hilarious David Hasselhoff Photos or 32 Hoff-tastic David Hasselhoff Animated Gifs.

Winners: Send me a message on Facebook with your address & we’ll ship the DVD’s out immediately.

Barbara Zatler Loves COED

We’ve been asking hotties who are fans of our Facebook page to submit photos and Barbara Zatler followed through. She’s a Danish model who has her very own Spank Bank on GorillaMask so check out all her pictures here. If you (or a hot girl you know) deserves to be featured on COED drop us a line at editor @ teamcoed.com.

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