He Said / She Said: Sex…During Her Period

He Said/She Said is a new series designed to help dudes understand what chicks are thinking. Every week we’ll be throwing out a topic for debate…you can read the guy’s side here and the girl’s side at CollegeCandy.com. This week’s topic: Having Sex During Her Period.

As Daniel Day-Lewis can attest to, There Will Be Blood, so, how does a guy handle sex while his girl’s on the rag?

Unless you’re in to torture porn and/or snuff films, how can having sex while she’s menstruating be hot? If it’s a random hook up, that’s immediate grounds for dismissal. If she’s your girlfriend and she REALLY wants it, begs for it, DEMANDS it, you’ve gotta weigh your options. Are you tough enough to outlive the trauma?

Men love to spill blood and semen… separately… in their respective and appropriate forums. But both at the same time? While there are some uber-creeps out there, I doubt any guy would go for it. Do the use of towels make it any less traumatic?

My instinct tells me to STAY AWAY when a girl’s on her period. The smell of blood is anything but arousing. It sets off our survival instincts. We may go full werewolf, and not the sexy, metrosexual werewolf you’re thinking of, the kind that can only be killed by a well aimed pistol and a silver bullet. Surely, you will have neither at your bedside.

However, there are three major determining factors that will affect your decision:

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Throw back enough of dem mead steins and even the ruddiest of stumps will look poke-able. But even that ruddy stump isn’t slathered in fetid visceral fluids. Whether or not you can hold down your cookies while you lay down the Hammer of Thor will become the sub-quest in your RPG of shame.

photo by Fuse


If this has been a long standing adventure, and it finally comes down to it, would you really let a few drops of the sangre de vida spoil your chances?


While it is highly unlikely that a girl will entertain the thought of bedding you on a heavy day, anything is possible. There are just as many female creepers as there are male creepers.

photo by Andy Reynolds, © Stone+


I’ve heard plenty of girls take a somewhat aggressive stance on period sex, taunting us males, “oh you shouldn’t be afraid of a little blood.” We’re not. We’d simply rather not associate the loveliest thing we know with the psychological equivalent of “death.” Waking up next to a lovely girl, covered in blood from pelvis to chest, doesn’t evoke romantic feelings. I immediately am jerked violently awake in a mad dash to see which of us is dying. If we’re not to be afraid of a little blood, then you shouldn’t be afraid to f*ck us on the first date, sugar. BOOM!

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