Top 10 Must Have Streetwear / Urbanwear Brands

Streetwear and Urbanwear brands are hot these days, plain and simple. With hipsters at an all-time high and skateboarding as commercial as ever, the fashion scope is shifting. Shifting to a look, that is well, unique. Big time brands are taking note of these new trends, but hold the phone, dear reader. To find these brands and stores, a trip to the local mall won’t suffice. Unless, of course, you’re in the mood for some Jamba Juice, an Aunt Anne’s preztel, and highschoolers. But if you are on the hunt for “fly threads”, or “dope gear”, or “cool clothes” this list should give you a better idea of some unique brands and styles that are out there.

10. LRG (Lifted Research Group)

This is a great brand don’t get me wrong. The reason it is so low on the list is because some of you may be wearing it currently. It has blown up in mall stores, which is a damn shame. That doesn’t take away from its look and style, however. So instead of kicking yourself for buying it at Zumiez, buy it somewhere else next time. Go to a local boutique. Chances are they won’t have it, but if not, support another name that maybe isn’t as well established. Bottom line, all of their clothes are very well made with good color schemes and washes for denim, different fits and sizes for everyone, and great artwork on their graphic tees.

9. Crooks and Castles

Another name that is starting to show up in mall stores around the United States, on the shelf next to brands like Rouge Status, LRG, and Diamond Supply Co., which we will get to later. Crooks and Castles is a solid brand with original artwork and designs that are sure to be appealing for any street wear fanatic. Some of their designs focus on common sayings and rap music, but with their own signature take on both. Unique designs cover all things Crooks and Castles, so it should not be a brand that you overlook.

8. WeSC (We’re Superlative Conspiracy)

Go to Pac Sun and buy this. Another brand that is available in mall stores. Nothing against malls at all, just go out and support lesser known brands. There are so many out there, you are bound to find something you like. A solid positive about WeSC is their originality in sayings and artwork on their graphic clothing, as well as their outlook. One huge negative, however, is their prices. If you have the pockets for a brand like this, you will not be disappointed.

7. 10 Deep

10 Deep is a flawless brand that provides the public with a flashy look and designs that are sure to induce head turning. Their button ups are second to none, as well as their flannels and hoodies. The quality of their clothing is hard to be matched, and everything looks good with anything. Plus, walking around town knowing you are wearing a pretty unknown and good looking brand is sure to keep your head to the sky. They tend to be a little pricey, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

6. Diamond Supply Co.

Diamond Supply Co. mostly specializes in skateboarding. They started out as a skateboarding hardware company, then branched out and became a street wear Godzilla. With celebrities such as Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Cassie, and Chris Brown sporting their original and flawless designs, it’s no wonder they have blown up as much as they have. Now, this brand is also available in some mall stores, but it is a brand that is hard to pass up. Hoodies, t-shirts, hats, denim, even pillows are made by Diamond Supply Co., so go buy some of their stuff. Even if you don’t skate. (Go Skate)

5. The Hundreds

Halfway home on our countdown comes The Hundreds. A brand that has blown up huge on the west and east coasts because of the openings of their flagship stores, The Hundreds is a powder keg just waiting to explode. No pun intended as their logo is a character named “Adam Bomb”, who bares resemblance to that of an old school Looney Toons-eque bomb. Originality at its finest. More recently, they have collaborated with the creator of Garfield and the Garfield comic strip. It is a pretty unique approach, and one that won’t soon be topped.

4. HUF

Started a few years ago by legendary skateboarder Keith Hufnagel, it was first a skate shop to cater to local skaters in San Francisco. Like most skate shops, they started making shop t-shirts, and from then, blew up. Now they have full lines of cut-and-sew products, and an up-and-coming footwear line that can be worn for a casual look, or torn to shreds while skating. Some of the best looking button ups, t-shirt designs, and logo work can be found when looking at HUF clothing.

3. Supreme

Besides their often negative rated in-store reputation, you can’t knock their brand. Some of the most creative and grimey designs come from Supreme, and they knock them all out of the park. Their hats can barely stay on the shelves, simple t-shirts and hoodies with their logos also have a short shelf life. Supreme can be seen being worn by some of your favorite celebrities, so if you want to look like them, or just look awesome in some new supreme gear, get some.

2. Lemar and Dauley

One of the most creative and original brands to date, Lemar and Dauley do it right. Sadly, their run of clothing has since slowed down and possibly even stopped, but some of their eye-catching clothing pieces can still be seen at some boutiques and online retailers. Often worn by the likes of Swizz Beats, Chris Brown, Lebron James, and even Robin Williams, this brand would be welcomed back to the streetwear community with open arms if they ever decide to drop another slate of gear. Using pop culture, basketball, and rap music as staples for their designs, some can still be found on If you like what you see there, it only gets better. So keep looking.


Number one for good reason. UNDRCRWN is the perfect clothing brand. Much of their clothing is inspired, like Lemar and Dauley, by iconic pop culture items and people. Having collaborated with brands like Adidas and Rockport, they are slowly making a big name for themselves. They have t-shirts dedicated mostly to NBA legends such as Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Patrick Ewing, and pop culture items such as the film “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Above the Rim”, and also pay homage to classic NBA teams such as the Larry Bird Celtics and Magic Johnson’s Lakers. UNDRCRWN is a brand that cannot be described, so do yourself a favor and check them out, and buy their stuff.

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