Facebook Caption Contest: We Have A Winner!

With the weather truly sucking balls and temperatures dipping into the teens, we decided to post this picture to heat things up and warm our followers’ hearts on Facebook. Over 350 people submitted captions and after some careful consideration (throwing darts mostly), we’ve picked a winner! You’ll find the winning submission below along with some other favorites and the sweet prize our winner will receive if he ever sees this post. Dude, send me a message on Facebook with your address and we’ll send out the t-shirt.

WINNER! Karl Fultz ‎”Hmm With All these flames I wonder If anyone will notice that my speedo does not match my helmet?”

Jay David Sanders ‎”Where the hell did I put my Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt?”

Zeke George Oops Toto, looks like were not in the senior home anymore

Cory Rickard no matter what, you will NEVER party this hard!

John Tramutolo ‎”laces out, Dan.” -R. Finkle

Reijer Kolle Iraqi prostitutes always wear protection.

Gregory Edelman ‎”have you seen my baseball?”

Luis Galarce I told those 22 year old chicks I could keep up with them…sigh..they didn’t believe me

Julito For-Real The end of the don’t ask don’t tell firefighter policy. Casual firefighter’s friday.

Dan Brown Rare photo of Evil Kneivel tearing shit up at the retirement home.

Brendan Farrell This is what riots in San Francisco look like

Daryl Bertran Just another day in Gay Hell.

Brianna Rose Loya ‎”When I said there was an explosion in my pants I didn’t mean it seriously!”

Chad Lillington this is one fine day to be nude-bill clinton(family guy)

Sophia Bradbury I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Courtney Carpenter Best…Tuesday…Ever!

Chris Palfrey Real men dont look at explosions.

Kyle Chiurazzi ‎”I’d like to return the invisible robe you sold me”

Jeremy Scrum Allen When Americas Next Top Model reaches the streets of Iraq

Jackie Muller Girls like guys who are flaming.

Aleksandr Milligan ‎”no more drinking for me

Brandon Day hmm where did the gay pride parade go to?

Nick Holicky After being told by his doctor that he HAS to retire, Brett Favre finally lost it..


Amanda Elliott now where did I put that dildo?

Ricardo Tovar Where’s my vespa? This riot is out of control.

Jeffrey Amoako Cool guys walk away from explosions, I walk through them.

Josh Sutton just as well i brought along my flame retardant suit and my heat proof clogs..

Danny Thoele Everything is done bigger in Texas. Even the gay pride week opening parade.

Brandon Hammock he crashed a helicopter on his way to his sexy party!!

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