Weird Foreign Commercials with Major Celebrities [VIDEOS]


Back in November, various media outlets reported Julia Roberts made $1.5 million to appear in Lavazza ad. She did not have to speak. She only had to smile and wink. You know there is good money to be made if even Saint Brangelina is not immune (Angelina shilled for Shiseido in Japan and Brad’s efforts can be seen below). More often than not celebrities will shill abroad. And while it can be argued whether or not it makes financial sense for the advertisers to hand over so much cash for celebrities, they are still willing to fork it over (not sans insurance natch, you never know when you have next Tiger Woods or Wayne Rooney on your hands). Meanwhile we can get a few giggles out of latest celebrity endorsements.

Chuck Norris for Czech T-mobile

Is it ok to say that this commercial ruined Chuck Norris for me?

Snoop Dogg for Vybe Mobile

Snoop Dogg comes out of a fridge and well… he doesn’t rap. Then again in Germany this is considered normal. On the sidenote – the turtle? I don’t get it.

Brad Pitt for SoftBank

Brad Pitt stars as a handler for a sumo wrestler and the third one is worth the look for his outfit alone.

Hugh Laurie for Schweppes and Mediaset

Hugh Laurie did a LOT of shilling back in his pre-House days. In his defense the quality of products has gone up over the years as you can see in this Spanish commercial for Schweppes. And I haven’t been able to stop saying Tonica Schweppes all afternoon. The second commercial is for Mediaset and features Uma Thurman.

Nicole Kidman for Schweppes

Nicole Kidman takes her clothes off for Schweppes.Or should I say Tonica Schweppes? See, I can’t stop!

Hugh Jackman for Lipton Tea

Who knew Hugh Jackman was so nifty on his feet? Especially when you consider this is non-alcoholic drink commercial.

Sylvester Stallone for some Russian vodka

First of all – Sylvester Stallone in a commercial for Russian vodka? Rocky wouldn’t be pleased. And second – am I the only one who finds his face too distracting (and not in a good way)? Only Mickey Rourke messed up his face more. And that isn’t saying much.

David Beckham for Fran’s Chocolate

The advertisers would like you to believe that if you open their box of chocolates David Beckham will come out. So not true. And yes I’ve checked.

Jean Claude Van Damme for Black Black

Jean Claude Van Damme bangs his head against the wall. And does the split. Not at the same time of course. Only Chuck Norris would be able to do that.

Nicolas Cage for Sankyo Pachinko

Nicolas Cage shilling in Japan. And if his IRS problem is anything to go by, he might be forced to start doing it again.

Paris Hilton for Go Yellow

This is what happens when you turn a sex tape into a commercial.

George Michael for Maxell

George Michael and that other dude from Wham fly around for Maxell. Cassette tapes (yes I’ve put in a link for you in case you were wondering what that relic of the past looks like). Oh come on – they were high-speed and the height of sophistication at the time.

Sean Connery for Ito Ham

Sean Connery in his James Bond finest utters the words – hon mono.

George Clooney for Martini

Clooney has been known to shill for high-end brands like Nespresso. But at least the man doesn’t take himself too seriously (if this Martini commercial is anything to go by). 40 Days and 40 nights star Shannyn Sossamon (also a lead in Rules of Attraction) co-stars in the first spot.

Cameron Diaz for SoftBank

Obviously Cameron Diaz is one of those annoying women who can multitask.

Kiefer Sunderland for Calorie Mate

Kiefer Sunderland doing what he does best – saving the world, yelling and bossing people about and generally being a pain in the ass.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for everything under the sun

The Governor of California must have made a mint in the 80s because he made more than 30 (!!!) commercials and down below you can see a compilation of them all.

Edward Furlong for Machuran Hot Noodles

I cannot even speculate what Machuran wanted to say with this spot. Maybe since Ed was in T2, that maybe he’s secretly a robot?

Josh Holloway for Magnum Essence

Look at Sawyer ahem sorry Josh being all sexy and suave. Ladies on the other hand will appreciate his effort for Davidoff more.

Keanu Reeves for Suntory

Before he was Sad Keanu, even before he was Neo in the Matrix, Keanu Reeves was known for his excellent portrayal of Ted in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Obviously Suntory was quite taken with his performance.

Ben Stiller for Kirin Beer

The level of enthusiasm Ben St(sh)iller shows for this particular brand of drink is disconcerting. And kind of creepy. Which makes me think that either a) the money was really (REALLY!) good or b) Stiller was hitting the bottle on the sly.

Harrison Ford for Kirin Beer

Presented without comment because I’m still bitter latest Indiana Jones sucked.

Tommy Lee Jones for Boss Coffee

If you’ve ever seen No Country For Old Men, you know that Tommy Lee can really pull back on the emotional scale. Whether you call it stone face or stone wall, here’s an instance where the man who couldn’t be moved in the 2007 Coen Brothers flick finally squirts some tears.

Eddie Murphy for Toyota

Back from the heyday of Eddie Murphy’s fame.

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