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7 Funny Slip and Fall FAIL Videos [ICE ICE, BABY!]


Winter is here and in full effect, which means plenty of icy roads and slippery sidewalks. And while the indignity of slipping and falling on an ice-covered walkway can hurt both your dignity and your ass, there’s nothing more fun than watching others suffer that very fate. Here are some of the best slip and fall videos on the ‘net. Watch them then watch yourself when venturing out this winter.

First Person Cameraman Fall

It’s in first-person! Just like Call of Duty, but way cooler graphics!

Cars Slide, People Fall

About the only thing dumber than trying to walk downhill on an ice-covered road is trying to drive downhill on an ice-covered road. Luckily, this guy has got those both covered.

Dog Slips and Humilation

This poor dog. It’s a chihuahua, so it already has that going against it. Then its owner puts “adorable” pink mits and pink coat on the poor little bastard and makes it slide around on the ice like it’s having a cute little dog seizure. Look in its eyes. You know it wants to die.

Reminds me of Suicidal Christmas Dogs.

Asian Competitive Sliding

Apparently sliding on the ice and falling on your ass is a popular sport in Korea. Hell, if I lived 100 miles away from a crazy dictator who wanted to nuke my ass, I’d probably be a little off too.

Intentional Sliding Gone Wrong

This guy’s internal monologue:

“Weeee! Oh no! Oh cool, I got it – ack! Ow that hurt, I better walk now. Nah, weeeee!”

It’s probably a safe bet that immediately after leaving the picture frame he was hit by a semi-truck.

Hidden Cam Falls

You see a dangerous patch of ice. Do you warn people, maybe even get some salt and clear it up? Or do you set up a camera and remotely film people getting hurt and laugh your ass off? We all know the answer to that question.

Live News Fall

The guys who set up that camera outside their window to capture people getting hurt? They moved to Dublin and became news producers, sending cameramen out on orders to monitor slippery sidewalks, hoping for a a near fatal slip and fall. Heck, the probably slicked down the sidewalk before turning the camera on.

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