3 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

Life changes come in all shapes and sizes, but have one central theme in common – a little extra work now pays big dividends later.  So make New Years day the first day of the rest of your life with these three major “Make a Man Out of You” resolutions.

This is the Year I Get in Shape

Nothing in the world, gives a man an advantage in life like a high level of fitness and being in good health.  It’s the one change that you can make that will spill over into every other important aspect of your life.  Being in shape increases confidence, and exuding confidence will immediately have a material positive effect on many important aspects of your life.  Sex, relationships and attitude at work are all much better for a fit physical specimen than for a fat slob.  Being in shape increases your energy – again, huge spillover here.  You’ll be able to work more hours, and do so more alertly, you’ll be able to have more sex, enjoy more activities and in general have a more adventurous spirit.

So What Do I Do?

Don’t jump on a fad diet and kill yourself in the gym so that you can’t move!  Start slowly, and commit to life changes.  Eat Breakfast!  And make it your biggest carb meal of the day (oatmeal with protein powder is my daily first meal), drink water all day, stop eating fast foods and processed foods, but most of all get help.  Consulting a dietician or certified personal trainer is the ultimate first step.  Can’t afford that? No problem  – We did it for you!  Check out Mike “Mr. Natural” Ashley’s tips and secrets in our new and improved fitness section here, and make sure to read Dietician Donna DeCunzo’s nutrition secrets here.

This is the Year That I Stop Taking “No” for an Answer.

Why that guy and not me?  How did he get that job, car, house, bank roll etc?  The most common trait among successful men is tenacity.  The ability to stay focused, goal oriented and not get discouraged in simple terms – “Not taking the word “No” as an answer”.  Any successful seasoned salesman will tell you that the sale begins with the word “No”.  The average guy walks when he hears “No”.  It’s the special people – the 2%-ers (Google the bell curve) that run through the brick wall of the word “No”, and the folks in a position to help you know this!  So they hunt men that don’t take “no” for an answer like we hunt cougars on Tuesday nights.

So What Do I Do?

Start being “Politely Aggressive” toward the things you want.  Didn’t get that job you wanted?  Call back after a few days and ask for another interview.  Hired someone else?  Ask if there’s anything else available.  Suggest a trial period or unpaid “test” so that the employer can sample your work.  In essence what you’re trying to do is creatively find a way to shoe horn in.   Always be polite, but be tenacious in trying to craft the relationship that you’re looking for.  A great technique is honestly expressing your desire.  My first corporate job was at Marvel Entertainment.  I was hired after exactly 9 “No’s” from secretaries and assistant managers.  Finally then editor Fabian Nicieza hired me after the line, “I’ll come early, stay late, make copies, get coffee , pick up lunches, work weekends – anything you need me to do I’ll get done.”  He smiled ear to ear and hired me on the spot.  Mission accomplished in only 9 “No’s”.

This is the Year I Take Personal Responsibility

My grandfather dropped out of school at 14 when his father died because he needed to get a job to support the family.  My friend Anthony is a 28 year old undergrad senior that lives with his parents, works part time in Office Depot, and his Mom pays his car insurance.  Jesus . . . what have we become in two generations?  If Grandpa T were alive he’d growl, “Disgracia”.

Men that have yet to leave the nest and take responsibility for their own lives haven’t yet experienced the complete freedom, and sense of pride that comes with the struggle.  Multiple roommates, struggling to make bills, running from one job to the next chasing dollars, and eating 19 cent Ramen noodles twice a day is like “Leonidas and the Wolf” in Frank Miller’s “300” – It’s a trial that turns a boy into a man, and it screams of character.  Having mom do your laundry and give you an allowance in your 20’s . . .not so much.

So What Do I Do?

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  Regardless of how many guys you know in the same situation, you’re delusional if you think it’s normal to be in your senior year of undergrad at 25, while you’ve never worked a real job in your life and you live at home.  Realizing this is key to accepting the fact that your ass has A LOT of catching up to do with the guys that busted their nuts, graduated at 22, and are now 3 years of work experience ahead of you – but all is not lost if you buckle down now!

Start preparing to grow up today by figuring out your debt and current monthly nut.  If it’s Credit card debt start paying it down as aggressively as possible because CC interest rates will murder you.  Construct a plan for “flying the coupe” A-S-A-EFFIN-P, that includes an aggressive work schedule, including a second job if necessary and a more realistic approach to “Necessities” and discretionary purchases.  Sometimes bringing a buddy into the calculations lands you both math assistance and a future roommate to share expenses.  Once you have the plan on paper, with your numbers in place it’s just a matter of aggressively seeking the means to make the nut – you might want to go back and read resolution 2 again here, as nothing earns better than tenacity.

Sticking with it

We’re not saying it’s not tough – it is toughvery tough! But it’s worth it.  Although it might not always seem like it when your parking your car around the corner to hide it from the repo man, you’re still pushing after a dozen “no’s” are slammed in your face or  when haven’t had a slice of pizza in a dog year, but regardless, most men look back and say that the struggle and the feelings of accomplishment were some of the best, most satisfying, and most exciting times of their lives.

Go get’em brother! Make it happen!  We have faith in you . . .and good luck.

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