What Do You Consider Cheating? [POLL]

Cheating. It’s naughty. It’9s risky. It’s just plain wrong … right? 2010 saw its fair share of cheaters exposed: Tony Parker, Brett Favre, Jesse James, The Tiger Woods Aftermath, John Edwards. The list is extremely extensive and, quite frankly, depressing! It’s no wonder people are more hesitant than ever to dive into a relationship. What’s the point if one of you will grow tired of the other and stray? Divorce rates have stabilized but that’s only because it’s so damn expensive to split. But what really qualifies as cheating? A thought? A feeling? A kiss? It’s important to lay out guidelines with your partner as to what constitutes cheating. Of course, that talk in and of itself might set off alarms, so tread carefully. However, when you’re first dating, and you haven’t had the relationship talk yet, then anything is fair game. In an effort to help you with that talk you’ll eventually have, we took a look at the most common instances:


A lip kiss would be considered cheating to me. Of course, that’s one that you could work through, as opposed to walking in on your girlfriend being double-teamed with three more guys watching. That’s like quadruple mega super cheating. Then again, a lot of good friends kiss on the lips. I had a girl in college who was dating a fraternity brother kiss every guy she met on the lips. Not anything erotic, no tongue. Just a peck on the lips.


So, you or your girlfriend happen to be very flirtacious. You won Class Flirt, you got that job, you got that promotion, you got that raise, you got that “A” and it all of it was because you ooze charm and charisma. When it comes to charming the opposite sex, it can lead to sexual connotation and innuendo. It starts off with a subtle mention, something in passing during coversation. Then it overflows to coy Facebook wall posts then Facebook messages. You get the person’s email and drop late night dirty talk. Then you get his or her number and start pumping off gratuitous and lewd texts all while your significant other is sitting across from you. Sure, you might never act upon these impulses, you’ve never actually kissed this person, but we’d be hard pressed to say this isn’t the gateway drug for physical consummation. Think about every major cheater of the past year. Cheatee gets suspicious, checks the Cheater’s cell. BOOM. Sexts.


Impure thoughts can be poisonous for a relationship. You’re in bed with your girl or guy and you’re thinking about that chick from class or that dude from the office. And they’re not wearing clothes. If you’re constantly cranking one out to someone else, you might as well be cheating. But, there are many who argue fantasies involving people other than your partner can be healthy. You had a fight, you want to relieve stress. The thought of your partner yelling at you doesn’t exactly instill a sense of peace so you think about Mila Kunis or Olivia Wilde buck nekkid. For some reason, it’s accepted practice to have fantasies about celebrities since the odds of actually hooking up with one are so remote. But when it’s a coworker, a fellow student, or your sister’s friend, it’s major league bad news. Imagine how celebs feel!


You’re out at the club with your buddy and he strikes up some dialogue with a good looking girl who happens to have a friend who happens to be single. What do you do? You’re supposed to be a wingman, right? Turn on the personality, flirt, distract so your main dude can get a piece. Do you mention you have a girlfriend? You do that and she’s immediately tugging at her friend’s arm, looking to tuck and roll, cut ties. So, you string her along, she falls more deeply in love with you. Maybe you get out of the night unscathed. Maybe your buddy operates quickly and you don’t have to worry about coming clean. But, what if you look over and he’s grinding with his girl. You look at the girl you’ve been entertaining and she wants to dance. The dancing arm’s length apart becomes hand’s length becomes full body contact. You grind until the song ends and excuse yourself riddled with guilt thinking, “Am I a cheater?”


We’re not talking about masturbating each other, we’re talking you stimulate yourself while she stimulates herself in the same room while looking at each other. The safest, non-penetrative sex on the market. Is it sex? You haven’t kissed, you haven’t touched. You might not even be thinking about the girl pleasuring herself while you pleasure yourself. Is this cheating?

What are your thoughts? How do you define cheating? Vote in our poll or leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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