College Football’s Most WTF Bowl Game Names

If you’re like me you probably sit back at least once during the bowl season and think where in the hell do these guys come up with some of the names for these games? Some are ridiculous, others silly, while many are just plain stupid. While the sponsors pay big money to have the bowl named after (or presented by) them in an effort to increase awareness and recall for their product or service, more times than not it leaves a very bad taste in the consumers’ mouth (we’re looking at you Papa John’s!). That being said, there’ve been some crazy names through the years that deserve recognition for their excellence or lack thereof:

Past Bowl Games:

The Bacardi Bowl

This is one that I would have loved to go to every year. It was a nod to the lovely rum that the Cubans make and was hosted in-you guessed it- Havana, Cuba. It started back in 1907 and ended in 1946. Stupid embargo.

The Glass Bowl

Toledo hosted this game back in the late 1940s for four years. I guess the area was known for glass making back then, but not the cool, colorful stuff you see in church windows, but for cars. Come on, you guys got nothing better than that in Ohio?

The Refrigerator Bowl

This game started in 1949 and played its last game in 1956 in Evansville, IN, which apparently use to be the refrigerator capital of the world. Don’t know that I would be bragging about that one.

The Salad Bowl

Yes, this one actually existed at one time (back in 1948 to ’52). Someone did actually think it was a good idea.

The Mirage Bowl

Is it really there? Or am I just imagining a football game being played in Japan (from 1976-93)?

The Vulcan Bowl

Surprisingly this was not a lame attempt to entice nerds into watching a football game, but was actually a game between traditionally black colleges.

The Gotham Bowl

How cool would that be now to have guys on the field with their faces painted like the Joker? Sadly, this one only lasted a couple seasons in the early 60s.

The Haka Bowl

If you have never seen the Haka performed, check out the New Zealand rugby team doing it; intimidating stuff. However, the concept of hosting a bowl game in New Zealand was anything, but intimidating; just plain silly.

The Cosmopolitan Bowl

This one was only played once in 1951. Since there is little written about it I’m going to assume it was because too many fans could not drive home after drinking too many girly martinis.

Current Bowls That Need New Names:

The uDrone Humanitarian Bowl

Do you really want to support a game that encourages truckers to do their paperwork via a cell phone application while they are driving? Is that really being humane?

The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl

This just sounds stupid. If it was in South Beach or maybe San Francisco it would be fine but in Nashville I would expect something more like the ‘Grand Ole’ Opry Music City Bowl’ or the ‘CMT Music City Bowl.’

The Bowl

This was great advertising for people in Houston where the store and game was played, but otherwise no one cared or knew what Gallery Furniture was. Thankfully it only lasted a couple games from 2000-2001.

The Pinstripe Bowl

There is something that just is not fundamentally right about a football game being hosted and promoted by a baseball stadium (and New Era).

The Poulan Weed-Eater Independence Bowl

I just chuckle every time I hear this name.

The Outback Steakhouse Gator Bowl

Eat steaks. Not gators.

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

What are these guys trying to promote? Their food or the concept of donating food? One of their old names is even better– Diamond Walnut San Francisco Bowl. Oh yeah. Love it.

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