Top 25 SNL Clips of 2010 [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live has been in a rut lately. One of their best cast members, Andy Samberg, is under-utilized, Seth Meyers sorely misses Amy Poehler on Weekend Update, Bobby Moynihan is a very poor man’s Chris Farley, Kristen Wiig plays the same character in every skit, and Fred Armisen is around strictly to impersonate Obama. They should really re-name it The Bill Hader Show and feature Digital Shorts with Lonely Island every 3 skits. Even with its recent shortcomings (and allegations they’re ripping off Mr. Show and Tim & Eric), there were still a metric ton of hilarious bits from this past year. Screw your DVR, we got ’em all right h’yah! Live from COED, it’s Saturday Night Live’s Top 25 Clips! (*cue band*)

Message from TSA

Lonley during the holiday season? Find a companion with a TSA patdown at airport security.

The Miley Cyrus Show

Miley Cyrus interviews guest Katie Holmes and shows a copy of her audition as Batman’s love interest.

A Message From Mark Zuckerberg

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange compares his resume to Mark Zuckerberg, the 2010 Time Person of the Year.

A Message From Mastercard

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange broadcasts from jail with some insight to what will happen if he’s not freed.

I Just Had Sex

Lonely Island and Akon sing an anthem for anyone who just had sex.

What’s That Name

Contestants have to guess the names of pictured celebrities and people they should know for cash prizes!

Movie Fan

8-year-old Keith doesn’t hide his excitement to be on a movie set, but doesn’t get too excited for Robert De Niro.

Shy Ronnie 2

Shy Ronnie and Rihanna team up again, and this time they’re getting gangster. Literally.

Blizzard Man

Diddy brings in his secret weapon to drop a hook on his new song, Blizzard Man.

Vinny Talks To Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro appears on an Italian talk show, where things aren’t your normal TV show.

Visiting The Queen

Prince William takes Kate Middleton to meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The Wizard of Oz

There was almost a fifth character in The Wizard of Oz that you’ve never heard about.

Snooki, Stefan and Gov. Paterson

Some of Weekend Updates closest friends stop by to sing a Christmas song!

Herb Welch

A veteran news reporter shows his age while covering a breaking news story.

Back to the Future Screen Test, Part 1 & 2

There were several familiar actors who almost went ‘Back to the Future.’

Wedding Venue

Shouldn’t the most special day of your life be celebrated at the most special place on Earth?  It’s the Mosque at Ground Zero.

“Unstoppable” Trailer

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine work through an age difference to thwart a speeding train the size of the Chrysler Building.

Mom Is On Facebook

Screwed because your mom joined Facebook? Just install the ‘Damn it, my mom is on Facebook’ filter.

Budget Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you’re in a costume pinch, see Googie.

Basement Karate

A father tries to teach his wimpy son, Henry, to stand up for himself.

Weekend Update with Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri stops by to share some alcohol-infused dishes for Thanksgiving.

Fred and Gov. Paterson

The real Governor Paterson sets the record straight.

Bronx Beat

Maureen Dichico has blossomed over the summer.

Weekend Update with Jimmy McMillan

The New York governor hopeful talks about his ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ platform.

Brett Favre Wrangler Open Fly Jeans

Brett Favre tells us about the new Wrangler jean: the open fly.

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