Who Is The Greatest Quarterback of All-Time?

Last night I asked our Facebook following who they thought were the top NFL Quarterbacks of all-time. Some of the answers were what I expected, others were not. No, the question wasn’t, “who are the top 3 QB’s of the last five years.” No, the question wasn’t, “who is the best current starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints who is ripping it up on Monday Night Football right now.”

Bleacher Report recently created a brilliant formula for ranking quarterbacks and Brett Favre was the clear-cut number one. Sorry to all the Favre haters but the guy was an absolute stud for 17 straight years and holds just.

Brett Favre leads all scorers with 227.2. It is not hard to see why Favre is at the top of the list. He holds just about every major record in NFL history. He currently No. 1 in passing yards, touchdowns, wins, and of course interceptions. Favre is an 11-timer Pro Bowler, a three-time NFL MVP, a Super Bowl Champion, and a five-time NFC Player of the Year. Favre will forever be immortalized in football history as one of the best to ever play the game.

Here are the numbers from our survey, check out how it relates to Bleacher Report’s The Top 25 NFL Quarterbacks of All Time :

Roger Staubach 1.2%
Ben Rothlisberger 1.2%
Fran Tarkinton 1.2%
Matt Ryan 1.2%
Donovan McNabb 1.2%
Aaron Rogers 1.8%
Johnny Unitas 1.8%
Steve Young 2.4%
Drew Brees 3.6%
Terry Bradshaw 4.2%
Michael Vick 4.2%
John Elway 6.6%
Dan Marino 8.4%
Peyton Manning 10.8%
Brett Favre 12.0%
Tom Brady 13.2%
Joe Montana 14.4%

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