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How To Land A Sexy “Curve Girl” For New Year’s Eve


Just what is a “sexy curve girl” you ask? Well, there’s actually only three in the entire world: Ima Vixin, Kimberly Phoenix, and Carolina Del Fuego. They’re the smoking hot spokesmodels of Curve For Men and they’re looking to ring in the New Year right proper. So, what turns them on? How can a dude like you land one of these chicks on one of the greatest hook up nights of the year? Check out the girls’ pics and review our tips and you might just smell the sweet scent of victory come January 1.

Ima Vixin

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The name says it all with the statuesque brunette Ima Vixin. She’s a big dreamer in the Big Apple who’s into rock stars and jock stars (read: athletes).

Here’s your approach for women like Ms. Vixin:

Subtle physical indicators.

In simpler terms, a light touch of the elbow, placing your hand gently on the small of her back, touch her arm to emphasize a point or a joke. Don’t hide your hands in your pockets. Body language is key. If she sees you’re making eye contact and smiling she’ll know you’re into her. Get close, but not too close, just close enough so she can smell your scent.

Be energetic.

She says she loves ginseng, so you need to be aware of your tone and posture. If your eyes are half-closed and you speak without any inflection, she’s taking a one way trip to snoresville. Don’t be shy, take a risk. She likes bad boys, so drop a couple hints that you’re not Mr. Nice Guy. Keep the conversation going, play off her responses, use visual cues. MAKE. TIME. FLY. That way when the clock strikes midnight guess who’s there to collect their traditional kiss. (You, dude)

For more of Ima, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | MySpace

Kimberly Phoenix

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Kimberly’s an aspiring actress who loves to flirt and watch her Ohio State Buckeyes crush on the football field. She’s into fit dudes with intellect.

Here’s your approach for women like Kim:

Show your years.

Kim craves knowledge and probably has a memory like a steel trap, so your ability to remember football stats and recite movie quotes will come in handy. She also mentioned she had a crush on her older brother back in the day. She’s into older men, more mature men. Flex your experiential muscles, demonstrate you’re wise beyond your years. Don’t fake the funk, though. If you don’t know anything about the subject, state your desire to learn and improve yourself, she’ll think more of you that way than if she smells a lie. Not even a good cologne can cover that.

Be spontaneous.

It’s a little thing we like to call “improv” and seeing as Kim’s an actress, sometimes she’s forced to improv when someone flubs a line or the situation calls for it. You should do the same. If you feel the conversation veering into the predictable, take a detour. All chicks love the unpredictable.

For more of Kim, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | MySpace

Carolina Del Fuego

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Carolina Del Fuego is en fuego. She’s an ambitious, smart, and open-minded girl who is into a wide region of activities. Can’t sit still? She’s probably for you.

Here’s your approach for women like Carolina:

Be opinionated, state your beliefs.

She’s into philosophy and most likely loves to debate. Touch on somewhat hot button, provocative topics; talking points that have multiple perspectives. Politics are always tough so you don’t want to get too serious with the back-and-forth. Keep it fairly lighthearted but intellectual and you’ll win her respect.

Be rich… in spirit.

So, she might be into jetsetters who have the kind of resources and wealth to fly all over the globe. Know why? Because each place has a different way of thinking, a different culture, a different story. She likes the finer things in life – doesn’t mean you have to own them, you can still appreciate them. Haven’t been to Ibiza or Vegas? Maybe you have a friend who went. State why you think you’d love (or loathe) a certain locale. Whichever route you take, stay positive. Anyone this goal-oriented isn’t looking for a Debbie Downer.

Be seductive.

She’s full of passion – for life, for work, for play, for love. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions, just don’t get melodramatic or overreact. That passionate display will ultimately lead you both to a even more passionate kiss at midnight. Is it too obvious to say that passion breeds passion?

For more of Carolina, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | MySpace

This article is brought to you by Curve For Men. Click on the image below to view more of the Sexy Curve Girls.

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