A Girl's Favorite Sex Position Is…

Everybody has their own fantasy, their own mood-lighting, their preferred music – when it comes to the sexual encounter, there are infinite ways women get their libido up and running.
A Girl’s Favorite Sex Position is…But apparently, according to an iVillage poll, there’s one position that ranks high above the rest – and it’s very surprising.
Over 200 women have taken the “What’s Your Favorite Sexual Position” poll in the last couple of days, having the option to pick either A) Missionary/Man on top, B) Woman on top, C) Doggy Style or the ever-elusive D) Other.
You wanna know what choice is ahead on the polls as of this posting?
Doggy Style!
Now, maybe this doesn’t surprise you, but I’m certainly taken back. I had no idea that so many women genuinely enjoyed this position.
It’s always seemed like men get the most pleasure from this position, especially since it lets us feel all powerful and caveman like. But as the results show, women too find it the most pleasurable as well. Call it deeper penetration, call it a woman’s want to be dominated, call it whatever you would like – I call it good news for men with a booty fetish.

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