COED's Drinks of the Week: Drunken Stupor, One Night Stand, Royal Flush

Happy Holidays! Our gift to you is yet another edition of COED’s Drinks of the Week. This week we review MEDEA Vodka and its innovative LED bottle, Crown Royal – the famous Canadian blended whisky, and WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey from Vermont. C’mon, unwrap your present and keep reading!


Hailing from Schiedam, Holland, MEDEA is a truly unique pot distilled – wheat vodka. Not to mention a winner of the Double Gold medal at the San Francisco “Spirits Packaging Competition”. MEDEA Vodka actually allows you to write messages on the bottle, using it’s one of a kind scrolling LED display (up to 6 messages, each containing a maximum of 255 characters.) See THE VIDEO! It’s simple to program, and best of all doesn’t block profane words.
Our sample of MEDEA arrived a few weeks ago, we tested the LED bottle and the contents within, and here’s what we think…
Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Age: Un-aged
Flavors: Neutral
Taste: B+ (Very Good)
Mix-abilityB+ (Very Good)
Buzz Factor: C+ (Slightly Above Average)
Price $40.00 USD(750ml)
Overall: We give Medea Vodka a B+. The innovative bottle draws you in, and the shockingly smooth flavor keeps you coming back for more! Would make a great birthday or holiday gift.
Mix it up with – “The One Night Stand”
Ingredients: 2 oz MEDEA Vodka, 1 oz Watermelon Pucker, Splash of cranberry juice, Splash of Sprite
DirectionsFill a cocktail shaker two-thirds full of ice. Combine the vodka and pucker and shake well. Strain over ice into a highball glass. Top with cranberry juice and Sprite.

Crown Royal

Your brand is doing something seriously right when you’ve got your own freakin’ NASCAR and #17 – Matt Kenseth behind the wheel! That’s how Crown Royal rolls, ladies and gents!
Originally designed for royalty (Queen Elizabeth and King George VI) and only available in Canada until 1964, Crown Royal is now pegged as the #1 best selling Canadian whisky and the #2 best selling Canadian whisky in the United States.
Did you know: In Canada it’s “Whisky” not Whiskey. Now here’s the facts!
Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Age: Blended
Flavors: Caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla.
Taste: B+ (Very Good)
Mix-ability: A (Excellent) Mmm, Crown & Coke
Buzz Factor: B+ (Very Good)
Price: $18.99 USD (750ml)
Overall: We give Crown Royal an A-. We highly reccomend this blended Canadian whisky! It’s got us screaming “Ooooooh Caaanaaadaaaaaaa!”
Mix it up with – “The Royal Flush”
Ingredients: Crown Royal – 1.25 oz, Peach Schnapps – .5 oz, Cranberry Juice – 3 oz
DirectionsShake and serve on the rocks or in a single serve. Garnish with orange peel.

Whistle Pig Whiskey

The brain child of master distiller – Dave Pickerell, (formerly of Maker’s Mark) WhistlePig is a 100 proof, 100 percent rye whiskey that was just released this summer to great critical acclaim, including the “highest ever” designation from Wine Enthusiast and “highest recommendation.”
WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey is imported from Canada and then hand bottled at the WhistlePig Farm Distillery in Shoreham, Vermont and is only available in a limited quantity at this point.
When we were approached about reviewing WhistlePig, we couldn’t scream “YES!” fast enough.
Proof: 100 (50% ABV)
Age: 10 years
Flavors: Rye, butterscotch, caramel, and vanilla
Taste: A- (Very Good)
Mix-abilityC+ (Slightly Above Average)
Buzz Factor: A (Excellent)
Price$65.00 USD (750ml)
Overall: We give WhistlePig Whiskey a B+. Produced only in limited  quantities, we suggest get your hands on a bottle while you still can.
Mix it up with – “The Drunken Stupor”
Ingredients: 2 oz WhistlePig, 1 ½ oz Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, 1 oz Vodka, Pepsi or Coke.
DirectionsPour the WhistlePig, Kahlua coffee liqueur, and vodka into a beer mug. Top with Coke or Pepsi, and serve.

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