Brew Review: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

When I’m holed up indoors during the winter months I find myself appreciating the taste of beer far more than any other season. Mark it up to cabin fever if you want, but my taste buds pucker up in cold weather.
Samuel Adams Winter Lager, one of the brewing company’s many great season-specific beers, doesn’t disappoint in my constant need for a well-bodied, alcoholic beverage in cool weather.

Housed in a deep-caramel color, Sam Adams Winter Lager pours a thin but lasting head that’s holds surprisingly well for a beer of its kind. Upon first gulp, the taste of citrus and spices was apparent, which paired well with the toasted malt finish. While I’m no expert at beer tasting I found the flavors easily recognizable without being too overbearing on heavy flavors.
When a beer of this nature features so many different flavors, it’s important to keep carbonation to a minimum, which Winter Lager does. Clean and crisp, the mouthfeel is very well-balanced, going down smooth without any one flavor dominating.

Sam sure has a knack for making a complex taste come across simple and drinkable, which may be why casual beer drinkers and experts both agree on the brand most of the time.
One can dispute the merits of Sam Adams Winter Lager when comparing to pricier brews; I’m sure the boys at Sam know that as well. I applaud Sam Adams (and their Winter Lager in particular) for making beer for the people, by the people.
Let the extreme beer snobs sip away – I’ll be six-deep in Winter Lager, thank you very much.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager stats:
Tastes like: toasted hops, spicy grains and whatnot
Smells like: spicy, citrus delight – a man’s potpourri
Alcohol content: 5.80% – not too shabby

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