Sam McPheeters’ “Quant” Will Be A Movie And It Will Be AWESOME

During my three and a half hour train ride home today (F you, NJ Transit), I was flipping through Vice Magazine’s December 2010 Fiction Issue and came across this story by Sam McPheeters called, “Quant“. It’s about a salesman who sells novice investors a computer program that can accurately predict stock trends based on quantitative analysis. He used to be a binge drinker (NOT an alcoholic) but now prank calls random people as a substitute for excessive imbibing. We’re not talking oh snap you got me pranks, we’re talking truly sinister, immoral, unethical, hardcore pranks like telling 1/2 of a couple their significant other is cheating on them or cursing out a car dealer or informing a wrong number her husband just died. He goes on his merry way until one victim decides to get payback. I’m not sure if this is the full story or just an excerpt. If it’s the full story, it needs to be written for the screen ASAP. It’s already in my top 10 movies of all-time and it’s not even close to being made. Looks like we’re gonna have to revise our list of top 10 Film Adaptations and add it to our Most Anticipated Movies of 2012.

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