WATCH: Sexy Santa Girls Go Wild at SantaCon 2010

Since we couldn’t successfully pull off any original SantaCon content (and the damn event took place in our home city) we’ll show you how the real professionals get it done. Not only does have a friggen video team but they also have one of those official looking Asylum microphone covers so girls don’t get creeped out when you ask ‘what it’ll take for them to show some boob’.  Well done Sirs, mental note taken.

Anyway, Asylum sent video host Matt Robertson to talk to some of these sexy Santas gone wild while attempting to determine whether it’s appropriate for women to dress so Santily-clad during a time more traditionally associated with family and religious observance. There’s nothing like a holiday to inspire the lovely ladies of the New York City area to let it all hang out. This year’s SantaCon was certainly no exception.

Watch the video right here…

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