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Girls Gone Nuts for Truck Nutz [18 Photos]


hot girl licking truck nutz

There are a lot of dumb things people do to their truck. “Truck nutz” aka “truck balls”, “BumperNuts”, “BumperBalls”, or “truck scrotums” aren’t one of ’em. For those not in the know, they’re accessories for pickup trucks and other mega macho motor vehicles usually hung from the hitch. This scrote-tastic trend began in 1998 and the US has been balls deep since. Numerous government officials sought to ban the product citing them as “vulgar” and “immoral”. We call them “awesome sauce“. Even more awesome are the classy broads who pose with these dangling dandies. That’s why we’ve compiled this virtual gift basket of babes and their ball bags. We just have 1 question for ya… Did you happen to meet those 2 big mother effers we told you about?

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