Stay Classy, Santa Claus [TV LAST NIGHT]

The Office: “Classy Christmas”

Last night was double the fun as we had an hour long episode and it’s safe to say we’ve never seen anything quite like this. The David v Goliath of The Office, Dwight has been the victim of Jim’s pranks for years.
Well, Dwight finally got the last laugh.
It started with Dwight getting CRUSHED in the face with a snowball courtesy of Jim. Mr. Schrute then challenges Jim to a snowball fight. Jim brushes off the challenge but is terrrorized by Dwight hiding in snowmen and planting a snowball jack-in-the-box. Jim retaliates but ends up breaking a window.
The episode concludes with the parking lot filled with snowmen while Jim attempts to deck all of them, only for the viewer to see Dwight on top of the building basking in his victory:instilling fear into his arch nemesis.
Sidenotes include Holly’s return to the office as her and Michael have several heated moments along with Toby’s attempt to shed his “loser’ label.
Kevin’s stupidity shined brightest once again, from taking offense to Holly eating the chocolate she brought for the office on the ride over to an odd photo op suggestion in the beginning of the episode.


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NEXT EPISODE: “The Ultimatum”

Recap By David S. London

30 Rock: Christmas Attack Zone

No one appears to have a merry Christmas on 30 Rock — although Liz certainly tries. Instead, she unwittingly gets sucked into the baby mama issues of Jack and Avery – no one told Jack’s mother or father – and makes an attempt to get Jenna and Paul, the Jenna-impersonating boyfriend, back together. Tracy, meanwhile, tries extremely hard to stay serious before the Golden Globes.
While Avery tries to keep the pregnancy a secret (concealing it with a ham on TV?), Jack decided not to tell his mother Colleen or his recently-discovered father Milton. Inviting them to the same Christmas party adds to the drama.
Jenna, meanwhile, has New Years on the mind – specifically the New Queers Eve party – and has a costume idea for herself and Paul. If only they were still together.
Tracy, on the other hand, appears oblivious to the festivities, and instead has his sights set on a Golden Globe in order to get his EGOT. A sequel to The Chunks — think The Nutty Professor — is about to be released, and Tracy doesn’t want the film to ruin his new serious image. Clad in a black beret and a “poverty” bling necklace, Tracy wants everyone to get the message. Kenneth, however, thinks Tracy should still embrace his humorous side.
Although Jack’s family drama appears central to the plot in this episode, Jenna’s and Tracy’s issues were far more interesting. At this point, Jack and the rest of his family members – Colleen fakes a heart attack, Milton utters things like “My son Spiderman turned out just fine” – contrast with Avery’s blandness, with no one in the room truly likeable. At least Jenna and Paul’s black swan (or Swann) duet of “O Holy Night” at the end made up for the dull and dragging moments.


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Recap by Irene Test

The League: Kegel The Elf

When I clicked on FX last night I was saddened yet overjoyed all at the same time. I was happy because there were two episodes of ‘The League’ scheduled, but saddened because the second one was the season finale. So in honor of the funniest damn show on television I would like to point out what I learned from watching ‘The League’ last night:
The Elf on a Shelf is not just cute, but a functional tool when it comes to getting your kids to stop using phrases like ‘suck-it stick’ and other choice words.
Broke penis jokes are funny. Watching a chick doing the breaking is not.
Everyone should have a friend with a Crown Vic. Great for meeting chicks and for getting out of a ticket with a real cop.
Don’t ever show disrespect to the fantasy football Gods or beware the wrath of the “dre’s.”
Losing is no reason to crush the fantasies of a child especially if you’re using that fantasy to get her to stop cursing.
Sandwich bags will keep your phone dry if you feel like watching porn in the shower.
Smack talking is another way of showing love.
If you’re going to get revenge in a really great way you better be sure that you actually need to get revenge.
I will miss you funniest television show ever.
I wonder if they would consider doing a baseball version of the show…

Check out a preview of last night’s episode here.

Recap by Travis Pulver

Community: “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

What’s the meaning of Christmas? Abed searches for this answer in a completely stop motion animated episode, where Abed is aware that they are being animated. But in their universe they don’t see it. Professor Duncan takes this as an opportunity to help Abed forward his own career, by playing into his fantasy.
As Christmas versions of themselves, the group followed Abed around his winter wonderland trying to play along. One by one they fall behind in the adventure as more and more is revealed about the reason why Abed is seeing everything as stop motion animation. Every December 9 him and his mother watch Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, but this year she isn’t able to be with him, shattering his nostalgic perception of Christmas. In the end Abed comes to the realization that the group is his new family and that he can form new Christmas traditions.
The whole episode had a nostalgic feeling about Christmas television motifs and even with a premise as hokey as learning the meaning of Christmas, Community finds a nice way to make it great and it’s own.


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Recap by Meseret Haddis

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