COED’s Websites of the Week: Mary Jane, Movie Quotes, And Merriment

Did you know there are literally more than 100 websites on the internet? Yeah, I know. Mind blowing. With all the chatter and clutter, sometimes you get overwhelmed. It becomes difficult to wade through all the crap. That’s why we’ve done it for you with our new “Website Watcher” feature. Here are our editorial picks for websites to watch along with some submissions from our Facebook followers. If you want to submit a site write it on our Facebook wall, email us at, or leave it in the comments section.

CNBC’s Marijuana and Money

About: This “special report” website unbiasedly breaks down the multi-billion dollar Marijuana industry. It has interesting stories, infographics, video reports and much more. Even if you don’t smoke weed it’s worth checking out.

Visit: CNBC’s Marijuana and Money


About: The greatest movie quote search engine ever.


About: This site compiles and published the most entertaining GIFS from the internet. You can scroll through by page or narrow the topics down by clicking tags on the left column.


About: If your a junkie for unique products and great deals BNIB “Brand New In Box” is worth checking out. They identify products for stylish people who care about how they look.


About: I almost don’t want to tell you guys about this one because it may get shut down but what good is a secret if you can’t share it with friends? On DH Gate you can order products directly from China. They are high quality bootlegs, so good you really wouldn’t know the difference from the real thing. DH Gate is best used for sports jerseys. You can order an authentic jersey of your favorite player for only $25 bucks! My friends and I have been ordering for a year now and have had no issues.


About: The URL says exactly what the site does. Hilarious in it’s simplicity of answering the age old question, Is It Christmas? I always know what the answer is going to be yet I still check this site 2-3 times a week in December.


Things 90s Kids Realize

About: If you are a product of the 90s this site will take you back. Nick Toons, Fresh Prince, VHS… it’s all here.


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