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Wow She’s Hot… Butterface?!? [PICS]



For today’s lesson, we’ve tackled one of Earth’s most frustrating creatures – the Butterface. We’ve all seen her, that girl whose body looks like it was sent straight from heaven, but her face…well, no so much. Sometimes, it’s that the body and the face just don’t match in awesomeness. Other times, it’s down right scary.

Often, it’s easy to overlook the Butterface’s shortcomings. And other times, the shortcomings just f**k up the whole dang package. Now don’t get us wrong – we know we’re being total d*cks here. But what can you do? We are guys and this is the Internet – being overly judgmental just comes with the territory. And in the end, you just can’t win ’em all.

  • COED Writer