Is Alcoholic Whipped Cream the Replacement for Four Loko?

There’s whipped cream flavored vodka. Then came a chocolate whipped cream vodka. With the obsession of this light flurry topping, alcohol makers have decided to infuse booze into whipped cream.

According to, products like Cream and Whipped Lightning are some of the products that are hitting shelves. These products are posing to have the same problem as Four Loko – a look taunting to a younger audience and coming in a variety of flavors such as orange, raspberry, and cherry.

Cream is 15 percent and Whipped Lighnting ranges from 16-18% equivalent to Bailey’s Irish Cream. This drink may pose as a problem, like Four Loko, but unlike that canned drink, the whipped cream isn’t considered food and cannot be regulated by the FDA. Because of that reason, manufacturers aren’t required to show the nutrition information on the packaging with the exception of the alcohol content.

I believe that the whipped cream will be less of a danger than Four Loko because in order to get the same effect, you would have to consume an entire canister. Also each can is about $13 and is only sold in liquor stores. Not only is it pricy but you can’t get it at your local 7-11.

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