Kanye West Loves White Homeless People [Photos]

We tend to neg on Kanye ‘Fishsticks‘ West just about any chance we get – from his incredibly awkward interviews to his lyrics – he’s the cocky douche we love to hate, but a rapper we can’t live without. For the most part, the criticism is much deserved.  But walking home last night, I ran into Chris, a West Village / Soho homeless staple, sporting a brand new pair of blue kicks. My first thought was, “This is why you’re homeless, dude. Spending handouts on flashy shoes instead of business cards.”  Good thing I asked what the deal was.

Turns out Chris was hanging at his usual corner on Mercer and Prince yesterday afternoon, trying to avoid the cold wind and rain with a newspaper, when a hand pulled the paper back and dropped a C-note on his lap.  The hand belonged to Kanye West, who forgot he’s douchebag momentarily and paid it forward with a random act of kindness to a person in need.  And the real shocker is there were no paparazzi to motivate his actions.  But wait, there’s more.  As Kanye and entourage were walking away, Kanye’s security guard asked Chris his shoe size and 30 minutes later returned with a shiny new set of electric blue Reeboks. Nice work, Kanye.  ‘Tis the season to be… selfless. Oh, by the way, the jacket you see our man Chris wearing? Given to him by Bon Jovi.



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