COED’s Drinks of the Week: O-Bama, The Black Knight, and Hey Bulldog!


I’m not going to lie, bringing you this week’s edition of COED’s drinks of the week wasn’t easy! Put yourself in our shoes for a moment and just think about it. How would you like it if you had to taste test a premium american vodka, a quadruple distilled London dry gin, and then an 8 year aged bourbon whiskey? That’s right, you’d feel hungover, and so do we! This week we take a look at BAMA Vodka, Bulldog Gin, and Jim Beam Black. Let’s do this before I get the spins again.

Bama Vodka

U S A… U S A… U S A!!!

It’s rare that we come across a product like this these days. From the cap, to the bottle, to the label, absolutely everything about BAMA Vodka is 100% made in the good ol’ USA.

BAMA was founded on the simple belief that the best tasting vodka in the world should not be made in France, but rather could and should be made right here in the USA, by Americans. It’s distilled SIX freakin’ times, then filtered through nothing else, but of course – true Alabama limestone. This very unique filtration process and multiple distillations renders BAMA as one of the smoothest tasting vodkas we’ve tasted in quite some time. We tasted, we mixed, now here’s our review…

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Age: Unaged

Flavors: Netural (maybe a hint of peper?)

Taste: B+ (Very Good) Very smoooooooooth, with just a tinge of a bite.

Mix-abilityA (Great) We had a lot of fun mixing this BAMA with everything under the sun, it’s very versatile.

Price: B+ (Affordable) $24.44 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give BAMA Vodka an A-. If you’re a vodka drinker, you’ll love it! BAMA is now available in Alabama, Tennessee, and coming soon to South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi.

Mix it up with – “The O-BAMA”

Ingredients: Ginger Ale, 3 oz BAMA Vodka, Orange Juice, Orange Liqueur.

DirectionsCombine ingredients in a small tall glass filled with ice cubes, rim with cinnamon sugar and with an orange wedge.

Bulldog Gin

Back in 2008 Bulldog Gin received the highest rating awarded to a gin by Wine Enthusiast and was rated a “Top 50 Spirit”. So going into this review we knew we were working with a winner!

While still fairly new to the gin game Bulldog is 100% handcrafted in London, quadruple distilled, and then triple filtered. Sounds great already, right? We’re not done! They’ve also infused it with an exotic blend of 12 botanicals, including lavender, lotus leaves, and dragon eye. That’s the nuts-and-bolts behind Bulldog. Here’s our impressions.

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Age: Unaged

Flavors: Juniper, lemon, and lavender

Taste: B (Good) Unlike most gins, this puppy is smooth and tastes excellent even straight on ice.

Mix-ability: B (Good) Makes one hell of a dirty martini.

Price: B+ (Affordable) $25.00 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Bulldog Gin a very solid B. It has to be one of the best gins we’ve tasted to come out of England in a very long time.

Mix it up with – “Hey Bulldog!”

Ingredients: 2 oz Bulldog Gin, 1 oz Chambord, 1/2 0z Pepermint Schnapps, 7up.

Directions: Combine all ingredients except the 7up in a tall glass and stir. Top off with 7up.

Jim Beam Black Bourbon

Jim Beam Black is a highly decorated veteran of the bourbon whiskey games. Awarded a Gold Meda by the Testing Institute of Chicago in 2008 and 2010 and 3 more gold medals coming from the World Spirits Competition in 2009 – 2007 – 2005.

Your typical Jim Beam bourbon whiskey is aged for 4 years in charred white oak barrels. Not Jim Beam Black! It’s what they call “double aged” which simply means it’s aged in the same barrels for 8 years instead of 4. This aging process adds flavor and raises the proof from 80 to 86.

Proof: 86(43% ABV)

Age: 8 years

Flavors: Pepper / spice, caramel, vanilla, oak, and honey.

Taste: A (Great) Clean, with a long finish. Not much burn to speak of.

Mix-abilityB (Good) Made for mixing with coke / pepsi. Not so bad as a shot either, and won’t trigger your weak gag-reflex.

Price: B+ (Affordable) $26.00 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Jim Beam Black a B+. It’s the one of the very best bourbons you can get your hands on for under $30. Do yourself a favor check this one out for yourself.

Mix it up with – “The Black Knight”

Ingredients: 1 1⁄4 parts Jim Beam Black Bourbon, 1⁄8 part honey, 1⁄8 part cinnamon schnapps, Hot apple cider.

DirectionsPour all above ingredients into a large coffee cup or mug. Add 1-2 cloves or one cinnamon stick. Garnish with a wedge of marinated apple.

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