The Funniest Interviews With Wasted Celebrities (VIDEO)

For most of the population, showing up completely blitzed to work or school is usually completely out of the question. However, for some celebrities appearing on national television in a state even Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan would find comical is still part of the everyday playbook. Whether they’re personally out of control, or just couldn’t care less, interviews with these celebrities under the influence is some of the better guilty pleasure entertainment out there.

Harrison Ford

One of the most recognizable faces in American film history was clearly not at his sharpest during a recent taping of the Conan O’Brien show. Ford was completely spaced out, mumbling one word responses to questions, and didn’t stop rubbing things for almost ten minutes.

Danny DeVito

After admitting to staying out all night drinking with George Clooney, Devito quickly went right of the rails during this interview on The View. Among the highlights is his reference to former President Bush as “numbnuts.”

Dennis Rodman

In a radio interview on 790AM in Miami, the former Chicago Bulls star delivered a wild performance on the airwaves which was quickly cut short due to an obvious sexual encounter taking place during the phone call. It’s been a while since anyone heard anything from Rodman, enjoy.

Ben Affleck

Wow, really? The often mild mannered Affleck is all over the host, suggesting she take her top off for the interview and sounding like he’s well into a multiple day bender.

Steve O

This one can’t miss…or can it? The Jackass star threatens to kill the host and throws the segment off so bad that host Adam Carolla is forced to break to commercial and contact security.

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