66 Women Who Wowed 2010: 9 – 1

Natalie’s always been a favorite here at COED – just look at some of our posts: we’d cast her in the All Female A-Team movie, The Golden Girls remake, and as Supergirl. But this year the eco-friendly, vegetarian, dangerously hot Harvard alumni cemented her spot in our memories forever with her thong-baring scene in the “Your Highness” trailer and her performance in Darren Aronofsky’s “The Black Swan

Also known as Larissa Mabel Riquelme Frutos, this 25 year old Paraguayan model and actress who gained popularity stateside when she was spotted celebrating a goal during the 2010 World Cup with a Nokia phone between her breasticles inspiring a fan from Uruguay to do the same. She also promised to run through the capital of Paraguay covered only in body paint if the team won against Spain. They lost but Larissa did it anyway. We’re so used to chicks going back on their promises (anal if we watched the Notebook?) that it’s refreshing to see a woman not only fulfill on a promise but one in which she didn’t have to. She also appeared in Playboy’s Brazil edition fully nude in 3D.

Our Miss COED from January 2009 stunned us back in March 2009 with her GQ photo shoot and she appeared on our lists of most anticipated movies of 2010 (for “The Rum Diary”) and 2011 (for “Drive Angry”) and the most beautiful breasts of all-time, but that’s now why she’s the woman who wowed us most. Call us blind, deaf, and dumb but we were caught completely off guard by her coming out during an appearnace at a GLAAD event a couple weeks ago. It put us on high Amber alert. We’re hoping to see a lot more girl on girl action in 2011 and we might even get an early Christmas when she co-stars with Odette Yustman (“Cloverfield”) in the thriller, “And Soon The Darkness”. set for a limited release THIS FRIDAY (12/17)!

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