25 Years of the Air Jordan: A Pictorial History

The Air Jordan sneaker line has always been symbols of the era, style, and fashion. These sneakers have people lining up, and dropping serious cash to get a pair. And we know why. Made by the best designers, with the coolest ideas in mind, these shoes really out-do every other shoe on the market. Here is a history of what Air Jordan has become since its release in 1985.

1985 – Air Jordan I

The first Air Jordan was issued. Michael Jordan had a great rookie year, and brought the Chicago Bulls into the playoffs after a 4 year absence.

1987 – Air Jordan II

The Air Jordan 2 defined basketball luxury in the 1980’s. Made in Italy, the AJ2 featured faux lizard print. This shoe was made with quality craftsmanship for high performance athletes.

1988 – Air Jordan III

The Air Jordan 3 was the first shoe to introduce the Jumpman Logo. It also introduced the elephant print and visible air to the Air Jordan line. This shoe was so innovative, that it actually kept MJ from leaving Nike. He liked the shoe so much, he wore it in ’88 at All Star Weekend when he won the Slam Dunk Contest.

1989 – Air Jordan IV

These Air Jordans were on the feet of MJ as he hit The Shot over Craig Ehlo in the ’89 Playoffs. They were a symbol of what the 80’s were, and what the 90’s would become.

1990 – Air Jordan V

The Air Jordan 5s were inspired by a World War 2 plane. They boasted asymmetrical collar and translucent outsoles. This year was the sixth straight year of MJ playing in the All Star Game, and while wearing these shoes, he won his fourth consecutive league scoring title.

1991 – Air Jordan VI

The most loved of all the Air Jordans, this shoe was on the feet of Michael when he won his first Championship Ring. Little fun fact = A boot version of this shoe was worn by Michael Keaton when he played Batman. Even super heroes love Air Jordans!

1992 – Air Jordan VII

This shoe was one for the record books. Worn by MJ in his second Championship season AND the Olympic Games in Barcelona, where the Dream Team won a gold medal. Bugs Bunny is even featured wearing these shoes, earning MJ the nickname “Hare Jordan”.

1993 – Air Jordan VIII

These shoes are a spectacle for the eyes. They feature a unique color splash on the midsole, a carpet-like tongue, and interesting midfoot straps. Worn by MJ at the ’93 All Star game, and also the 1st time the Chicago Bulls completed their 3-peat world championships. These shoes are another one for the record books.

1994 – Air Jordan IX

This shoe is probably the most versatile of any basketball shoe ever made. For the first time ever, when MJ started playing baseball, this shoe was made in Cleat form so that MJ could rock the Jordans on the basketball field, and the baseball field.

1995 – Air Jordan X

Worn by Michael when he returned to the NBA, these shoes are hot. So hot that Michael dropped 55 points against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. With a jagged “23”, these shoes really embodied the animal that MJ was when he returned.

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