10 Most Ridiculously Named Shots

Here at COED, we get a kick out of names whether it’s Beers With Ridiculous Names, Amazingly Weird Weed Names, Funny Strip Club Names, or Best and Worst College Team Names in Movies. Hell, as far as we’re concerned naming is the name of the game especially when it comes to impressing your drinking buddies. Want to spice up your shot variety? Sick of just ordering vodka or tequila shots just because you don’t want your fifth Red Headed Slut?  Here’s a list of the most ridiculous shot names. If she doesn’t laugh, forget her, she sucks anyway.

Blood Clot

• 1 shot Southern Comfort peach liquor
• ½ shot grenadine syrup
• 7-Up soda
• Drop shot glass of SoCo into lowball glass mixed with 7-UP and grenadine.


• 1½ shot butterscotch schnapps
• ½ shot coffee liquor
• Use a double shot glass.
• Pour the butterscotch first then the coffee liquor.

Cowboy C*cksucker

• ½ shot butterscotch schnapps
• ½ shot Bailey’s Irish cream
• Blend ingredients together in a shot glass.
• Shoot.

Gorilla Fart

• ½ shot Bacardi 151 rum
• ½ shot Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey
• Pour ingredients into a shot glass.
• Drink.


• ½ shot peppermint schnapps
• ½ shot Bailey’s Irish cream
• Pour the two into a shot glass.
• Drink and clean up messy pants.

Pitbull On Crack

• 1 part Jose Cuervo gold tequila
• 1 part Jagermeister liquor
• 1 part Jim Beam bourbon whiskey
• 1 part Bacardi 151 rum. Combine ingredients pre chilled and pour into shot glass.

Screaming Nazi

• ½ shot Jagermeister liquor
• ½ shot Rumple Minze peppermint liquor
• Keep bottles chilled or mix over ice.
• Strain into shot glass.

Sh*t On Grass:

• ½ shot Midori melon liquor
• ½ shot Kahlua coffee liquor
• First add half a shot of Midori.
• Pour the Kahlua to top it off.

Sit On My Face

• 1/3 shot Kahlua coffee liquor
• 1/3 shot Frangelico hazelnut liquor
• 1/3 Bailey’s Irish cream
• Layer in order and enjoy.

Smurf Piss

• ½ shot Blue Curacao liquor
• 1 shot blueberry schnapps
• 1 splash cream
• In a shaker glass, fill with ice, add the ingredients, shake and pour into shot glass.
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