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Sketchy Ways to Make Money on Campus


Between classes, sporting events and spending time with friends, college students are strapped for cash and time. Adding a job to the mix is a recipe for disaster, so here are some of the most tried and true ways to make some extra cash money on or around campus sans job.

1.) Buy alcohol for minors. It’s par for the course that they give you enough money so you can buy something for yourself. Or they give you a hefty tip. If not, just don’t give them any change the next time you go on an alcohol run and if they ask, blame it on the taxes.

2.) Uncover your inner nerd and take exams or online classes for your friends. They never check IDs for exams and as long as you’re in a big room, there’s a very small chance of you getting caught. If you’re doing something online, make sure to cover your electronic footprints by using a public computer at your school’s library instead of your own laptop. You can also charge several hundred dollars for doing either of these–you’re saving their grades and you deserve to be paid accordingly.

3.) Go on Craigslist and post ads for yourself under the section “Community.” Market yourself as an experienced tutor in several subjects and as an intelligent individual. If ou do it right, before you know it, your phone will be blowing up with parents ready to pay you to help their kids learn simple subjects. Just make sure to have a couple friends that have professional sounding voices that can be your fake references.

4.) Sell your prescription pills. Amphetamines like Ritalin and Adderall are pretty common around campuses but during exam week you can sell them for $10 a pop. For downers like Oxycontin or Vicodin, the rule of thumb is usually a buck a milligram. If you need to get your hands on some painkillers, hit up your student center and complain about back pain and say that you’ve taken plenty of anti-inflammatory medication already and need something a little stronger. This method of making money is a little illegal, but so is underage drinking. Use your judgment with this one.

5.) If you have a car and frequently give your friends rides, ask each one to throw you $20 for last semester’s gas expenses. It’s not unreasonable and most friends will give you something and it adds up quickly. Bonus points if your parents pay for your gas.

COED Writer